6 key elements of a small but stylish home!


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6 key elements of a small but stylish home!

Chloe Hines Chloe Hines
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Small and large homes alike have key elements that make them both structurally and aesthetically sound and secure. These key elements are often included in pre-existing homes, but can also be added later and renovated through time as the needs of the home fluctuate.

Here at homify, we feel most inspired with smaller homes and living spaces and the multi-functional nature they require! But how can you make the most of this limited space? These six top tips will show you how…

1. Light entryways

Small homes typically try to pack a lot of punch into every area they possibly can – but the most important area is the area which gives the first impression – the entryway. No matter how small your home might be, installing efficient and strategic lighting and pairing with light and neutral colours will instantly create the affect of a larger home.

Looking for more inspiration for corridors and hallways? We have plenty more design ideas!

2. Strategic seating arrangements

Owning a small home shouldn't ever mean that you have to sacrifice on entertaining and dinner parties. We suggest that you purchase small- to medium-sized furnishings, or retro-style furnishings that are made for smaller homes and more compact spaces.

3. Combined kitchen/dining room

Often referred to as a kitchenette – a combined kitchen and dining room is a functional solution to a lack of space. Fold-up dining tables, fold-down countertops and removable, mobile sets are the best way to to go with combined spaces. 

Consider seeking the help of professionals that are willing to customise dinette sets in order to have the perfect solution to your small home – it will be far easier to contour them to the proportions of the room.

4. One great bathroom

One bathroom is all you have? There's no problem as long as you make it count!  Consider neutral colours, clean tiles and lots of functional storage space with enough compartments that can give everything a proper place.

This bathroom has kept is simple, yet contains all the amenities one would need, including a small towel holder, and tons of shelving.

Functional bed space and storage

Small homes have to use every square meter of space, if possible. The bed area is a great way to use space and maximise storage and compartments. For the smallest of homes and studio spaces, we suggest you use both under-bed storage and wall storage to the best of your ability! For best results, why not use an elevated floor as seen here?

Functional and strategic bedrooms are incredibly important in smaller homes – just take a look!

Quirky design features

One of the best parts about smaller homes are the quirky design features you can find both inside and outside. This can include everything from unique bookshelves to built-in cabinets and finding old artifacts from previous owners. If you're looking to add your own quirky design features than we suggest that you keep them as neutral and functional as possible – like the great and interesting bookshelf in this example.

Think that key elements of small homes are confined to this list only? Think again! Small homes can also include great, small swimming pools.

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