Sloppy Mud Pit Becomes Garden Hit


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Sloppy Mud Pit Becomes Garden Hit

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Rural Garden 根據 Bestall & Co Landscape Design Ltd 現代風
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Saying won't believe the transformation we're about to show you would be a dramatic understatement. We know we've brought you some fairly impressive garden restoration projects before, but this one truly takes the biscuit for the most altered. Moreover, the end result is genuinely stunning.

From a sloppy mud pit, a quintessential country garden that many of us can only dream of has risen. Let's take a look and see if you might be inspired to sort out your own outdoor space!

Before: Oh dear

We don't envy the landscaping team that were called in to deal with this mess of a garden! Can you even call it a garden when there is no lawn?

One thing's for certain; this was no small challenge. While the size of this plot might look generous, the task of making it look like something desirable is gargantuan and we wouldn't fancy it.

After: Believe your eyes

We promise this is the same garden. Just to convince you, we've started the transformation pictures with one that shows the same barn and tree still in place.

You'll soon realise how vast this space is and had we opted for a different area as the initial reveal, we wouldn't have been mad at you for thinking we were lying. A luscious lawn, hammock stand base and stunning garden edging are just the start… let's see some more!

After: Classically beautiful

Can you believe how beautiful and classically elegant this rural masterpiece of a garden is now? With rustic stone wall beds, a cacophony of rainbow-coloured blooms and perfectly manicured topiary, we're in garden heaven!

This is such a far cry from the sloppy mess that used to be here, we're feeling rather inspired to reconsider our own outdoor space.

After: Splashing good fun

We thought we could see a delightful little pond just creeping into view in the last picture and here it is in its full glory! What a stunning way to break up the expanse of lawn and flowers, whilst also encouraging a few little wild friends to make this their home.

No rural garden is ever truly complete without a pond, so it's lovely to see one here.

After: Private spots

The joy of country gardens is that they often have the potential to offer little hidden nooks for solitary contemplation or a more social function.

This stonework circular bench is not just a beautiful location to stop and relax, but also looks great and is harmonious with the rest of the garden styling. And, that view is to die for!

For more garden inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 14 Landscaping Ideas You Should Consider Copying.

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