The box home with a surprise inside


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The box home with a surprise inside

Sana Salam Sana Salam
{:asian=>"亞洲", :classic=>"經典", :colonial=>"殖民", :country=>" 國家", :eclectic=>"不拘一格", :industrial=>"產業", :mediterranean=>"地中海", :minimalist=>"極簡主義", :modern=>"現代", :rustic=>"鄉村", :scandinavian=>"斯堪的納維亞", :tropical=>"熱帶"}  by 風景のある家.LLC,
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Windows are arguably the most unremarkable feature of any home. Sure, they serve the very important purpose of letting in natural light, but in themselves they don't count for much. Not surprisingly, this isn't something that home owners lose sleep over. Windows – should be there, should let light in, should preferably be of a reasonable number so the house doesn't appear dingy. But that's about where it ends. 

Now what if you make windows the main feature of your house? Nothing overtly fancy, nothing weird – just take regular windows and make them the focal point. If you think that sounds like a snooze fest, wait until you see the house we're exploring today; the simple yet distinctive windows make it what it is. Crafted by Huukei Design, the house is a gorgeous testament to the beauty of pared-down simplicity and abundant creativity. 

Making a statement

We've been told to not judge a book by its cover, but come on! When it looks like this, it's hard to quell the voice in your brain that is screaming 'COOL!'. Here is an example of a house making an entrance – at the entrance. And why not? This is the first impression of you, as an owner – you, your personality and style. 

The unique structure of the facade, which has been given a grey finish, is the first thing that strikes you. But before you can process that completely, you notice the seemingly oddly-placed windows. It looks more like ornamentation that anything useful. But you'd be surprised!

Shadow play

Because, once inside, you see the enormous impact of the windows. The interiors are flooded with natural light and the windows actually serve to accentuate the aesthetics of the whole space. Taking a cue from the Japanese design book, nature too – here in the form of a tall plant – has been incorporated into the design. The end result is a play of different shadows and patterns and a different view out of every window. The white cladding on the wall is kept consistent so that the eye has no jarring details to process. 

Split-level surprises

Before we move into the front-facing interiors of this unusual space, let's skip straight to the back portion. The house has been built on split levels, with no clear demarcation between any of the spaces; instead, the stairs take you through each portion in a free-flowing movement. Go up the stairs here and there is a space explicitly designed – an interior balcony of sorts – to just sit in and take in the environment around. Notice how the window there has been placed so that even while sitting, one can easily look out through it. The shadow play continues here too, with the long windows on the top-left corner. 

Classic and modern

The kitchen while minimal is a gorgeous example of how a handful of bare essentials when designed well can create the maximum impact. It has a simple design but still manages to capture modern style and all its focus on form and functionalities. The contemporary cabinetry is kept at a minimum and reflects the family's needs. 

The kitchen here could have turned out cold and clinical, but the dark wood flooring, the cream walls, the strategically-placed windows and the lovely oversized dome-like overhead lamp all come together to infuse the space with warmth. 

Japanese-inspired entryways

We leave you with this drool-worthy close-up of the entrance. Incorporating certain elements of Japanese design aesthetics, such as a miniature Zen garden and a clear spatial separation between the outside and the inside achieved through simple stone tile flooring. If you want to be inspired further by Asian design, check out some of these amazing projects. 

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 房子 by Casas inHAUS, 現代風