8 clever ways to separate your kitchen and living area


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8 clever ways to separate your kitchen and living area

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In today's bustling cities, it is not uncommon for individuals to have to make the most of cramped and cloistered living conditions. Living in the big smoke, one must ensure that their space is well-utilised and that their floor plan is maximised for comfort and practicality.

Since space tends to come at a premium, it is crucial that you engage with innovative ideas and inspiration, to ensure openness is amplified and boosted. Whether you have a limited floor plan or a large and expansive dwelling, you will want to ensure you correctly divide and plan your rooms.

Apartments these days tend to prefer an open-plan setup, which heightens and stimulates a sense of superior spaciousness. However, as enjoyable as an open-plan room might be is, creating segregation between living zones is essential to ensure your home is practical, versatile and liveable.

Today on homify we are going to look at 8 simple ways to separate your kitchen and living area, ensuring cohesion and movement between spaces, while seamlessly adding an unobtrusive division. Read on below to learn more!

1. A wall of glass

現代廚房設計點子、靈感&圖片 根據 homify 現代風

First up, how about a see-through wall of glass to separate your living room and kitchen? This design is timeless, stylish and sure to impress!

2. A bookshelf

現代廚房設計點子、靈感&圖片 根據 homify 現代風

Next up, one of the easiest ways to divide a kitchen/dining room and living area is using a bookshelf. However, this isn't your ordinary bookcase, it is 'backless' meaning it can be seen through and offers an open aura and air. 

Here in this kitchen the design is open, free flowing, with a desirable cohesion. The bookshelf doesn't impede the space, but instead enhances it, offering segregation and privacy without closing off the open-plan ambience or aesthetic. 

3. A fireplace

For that true chalet-esque opulence and style, you should consider a fireplace to divide your room. Even though Hong Kong is a warm city, winters can bring a serious chill! Warm up, create a standout feature, while gorgeously separating interior spaces. 

4. A sunken living area

Thinking a little creatively, this sunken living room is wonderfully designed to provide privacy and isolation from the other domestic spaces.

If you are considering a split-level or sunken architectural feature in your home, the best way to get the job done right is to engage a professional. Find one via the homify website today!

5. A standard wall

Sometimes you simply cannot look past the classics. Choose a sturdy, structurally sound wall to ensure your dwelling is effectively divided, while also keeping everything in its right place. 

6. A sliding door

Fancy a room divider while you are cooking, but not while you are eating? A sliding door is the solution you have been looking for. Simply close when cooking or eating, and open up when you want a large, spacious and airy dwelling. 

7. A half wall

A low-lying half wall is your solution to desiring a wall, but also wanting to keep your spaces integrated and cohesive. Half walls can be utilised as breakfast bars, and divide individual areas seamlessly and unobtrusively. 

8. An eco-friendly divider

Now for something truly inventive! This eco wall has been constructed from recycled cardboard and paper, providing a neat room divider that is about as 'green' as you can possibly get. 

We hope this Ideabook gave you a few neat ideas, tips and tricks! If you'd like to learn more about updating your abode, continue reading here: We took 7 ideas from this 60 m² apartment!

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