10 tiny and totally adorable kitchens to copy

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It’s a well-known and regarded truth that house prices teeter and totter, but generally, and in the end, they rise. Hong Kong’s real estate has been up and down over the last year, with prices surprising individuals by falling far more than expected. However, even though the market may be seen as faltering, it is a harsh reality that Hong Kong still boasts some of the priciest property in the world. With such expensive property, it is no wonder than many consider downsizing to a more manageable sized abode.

Whether you are on a budget, or have older children who have since moved out of the family home, downsizing on space certainly doesn’t have to mean downsizing on style. To show you how to retain a sense of sophistication and grace in your small dwelling, we will today check out 10 totally adorable (and cosy!) kitchens. Grab a little inspiration by checking out our collection below, and give your minuscule cooking space a fancy, fabulous and fashionable refresh!

1. Keeping it light and inviting

If you are working with a small kitchen, the best thing you can do is avoid overloading it with accessories and decorative features. 

Instead, take some cues from this delightful little cooking space, and keep patterns on the floor, while painting the rest of the kitchen is a bright white hue. 

2. Compact, cute and ultra chic!

Next up we take a peek inside what has to be one of the most fabulously chic studio apartments in Hong Kong! 

Replete with a sense of modernity, the kitchen is cosy, warm and yet still boasts a feeling of opulence and luxury. 

3. The shape shifter

When working with small spaces it is important to get creative, which is exactly what the kitchen planners in this image have done!

Folding furniture is nothing new to the design world, but in this kitchen it brings a sense of practicality, versatility and efficiency. 

4. Lovely loft elegance

Compact kitchen with marble tiles Porcel-Thin 廚房配件與布織品

Compact kitchen with marble tiles


Kitchens don't get much cosier than this example, which is brimming with neat features and a sense of elegance. 

Cupboards are fitting free, in order to enhance the contemporary ambience, while the marble splashback brings a feeling of warmth and opulence.

5. Vibrant and eclectic

This vibrant kitchen invites individuals into its space with warm mood lighting and fresh, colourful blooms. 

Add mood lighting to inject warmth, while promoting a hospitable atmosphere and air. 

6. Lively and full of personality

Next up we take a peek at a tiny kitchen that is bursting with energy and personality. Utilising patterned tiles, the designers have evokes a playful vibe, and a retro yet timeless aura. 

7. The sophisticated student

Situated within a student apartment, this cosy kitchen blends an informal dining space with an all-in-one multi-purpose cooking island. 

8. Making the most of space

Now you may look at this kitchen and think it is large and luxurious, but it surprisingly takes a small space and manages to create a usable and highly workable cooking area. 

Instead on piling the kitchen into one corner, the designers have instead utilised the wall to build a long linear setup, which maximises its cosiness with a large central dining table. 

9. Practicality and character

Coming to the end of our list we take a peek at this charming and characterful cooking area that oozes charisma and a sense of originality. 

The colour scheme utilised is a dark charcoal tone, seamlessly paired with bright white hues that create a welcoming and cosy kitchen. 

10. Wonderful wood

For the last kitchen we are taking a peek at one of the smallest cooking spaces we've seen here at homify! 

Replete with a warm timber tone, this cooking space is adorably flanked by two Tolix bar stools, and exudes practicality as well as a feeling of hospitality. 

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