Landscaping: 12 ways to build a pathway


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Landscaping: 12 ways to build a pathway

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
 房子 by iSTUDIO Architecture, 熱帶風
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With a little bit of woodworking and building knowledge and a whole lot of home improvement enthusiasm, you can easily create a pretty amazing pathway. 

A brick walled entrance for your home is a versatile yet stylish decorative option. It’s a style that has stood the test of time, and can be used for rustic styled homes, modern homes and even those with a colonial or industrial inspired architecture. There is something warm and welcoming about this type of home entrance and we cannot wait to see what this Ideabook includes.

1. Perfect simplicity

2. Combining brick with smooth surfaces will create an interesting contrast.

The entrance to this house has a creative and industrial like style, it's a fantastic mix of brick and neutral colours, making the entrance appear friendly and inviting.

3. Interior – Partial brick wall

 走廊 & 玄關 by homify, 田園風

Brick is a fantastic material that highlights the character of a home and is especially attractive when located in a space that has a fantastic amount of natural light. This home has been elegantly designed by expert interior designers. The neutral colour palette creates a classic yet sophisticated space that is comfortable and stylish.

4. Brick framed windows for a façade

This is a modern approach to façade décor, the bricks perfectly coat the walls, with two windows perfectly framed by brick. The space between the windows has been painted, creating an effect that it is one horizontal window.

5. Brick and wood mix

This entrance has an undeniable tropical vibe. The materials used in this space includes brick, wood, marble and a bamboo ceiling. It’s cool and relaxing at any time of day.

6. Resemblance of brick

{:asian=>"亞洲", :classic=>"經典", :colonial=>"殖民", :country=>" 國家", :eclectic=>"不拘一格", :industrial=>"產業", :mediterranean=>"地中海", :minimalist=>"極簡主義", :modern=>"現代", :rustic=>"鄉村", :scandinavian=>"斯堪的納維亞", :tropical=>"熱帶"}  by Dogares,

Using flagstone for your façade is a fantastic alternative to natural brick. It adds a traditional style, at a fraction of the cost.

7. Length or width – brick is an amazing choice

Going with an unconventional design such as this is the perfect way to recreate a rustic exterior. It breaks monotony by creating an updated exterior style.

8. Functional modern brick

Although red brick walls are reminiscent of rustic style, this lighter brick wall along with the bright all-white windows are a contemporary take on an old décor choice. It just goes to show the versatility of brick as a décor choice.

9. Floating brick wall

 牆面 by punto2, 現代風

This brick wall adds a fascinating floating effect to your home entrance, it doesn’t touch the floor or the roof. How fabulous!

10. Preserve the original brickwork

If your old home was originally had a brick façade, then it is important to maintain that design by preserving the identity of a home like this. Consider wooden décor that will create a pleasant and trendy style.

11. A bright brick choice

This brick colour is perfect for any rustic, modern or even industrial style façade and is in fact known as a true brick colour.

12. That modern brick entrance

This image displays the result of adding brick to the façade of just one column or wall, it definitely adds a unique character and style to an exterior.

13. Brick, wood and nature – now that’s awesome

The final image in this Ideabook elegantly displays a combination of brick, wood and even plant life in order to create a façade that is eye-catching and attractive from all angles. These are: 6 Small Modern Façades to Inspire You!

 房子 by Casas inHAUS, 現代風