A house that you simply have to love!


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A house that you simply have to love!

Leigh Leigh
 走廊 & 玄關 by Zenaida Lima Fotografia , 古典風
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Today we visit a very current home that features a Mediterranean spirit. This style comes from Greece, Italy and southern Spain, featuring illuminated space and the favourite colour white. We will see how it also has a very warm and relaxed interior design, giving the feeling of a beach house.

The materials and construction techniques of these homes are usually very simple, with an abundance of lattices, rustic floors, exposed beams and inner courtyards full of vegetation.

Let's have a look how these professionalsZen Photography, have captured a home that you just have to love.

Vegetation is a fundamental part of the facade

As we have mentioned before, the favourite colour of this home is white, with smooth and rustic walls as well as very thick windows.

In this image, we also get a glimpse of the rustic floors made from terracotta stone. This truly reminds us of a Mediterranean style, contrasting with more contemporary materials.

Homely interior

By accessing the house through the back door, we come across the living room. We can see that there is a very contemporary floor and decor, including a very cushy red sofa. Don't you love how it curls through the room, making the most of the space available to it? It also adds geometric lines and shapes to the space.

The wall is covered in pictures and artwork as well as a light shelf that holds decor items and photographs. This is a very personal and homely space!

The kitchen combines Mediterranean with contemporary

Upon entering the kitchen, we get the feel of a very contemporary Mediterranean design, yet this is a very modern space with clean and chic counter tops and cupboards. The walls tiles are also very modern.

Yet we get a glimpse of the Mediterranean style in the form of the mouldings and the handles throughout this space, which add some beautiful detail to the room.

Dining deliciousness

The dining room and kitchen are interconnected – a very modern feature. 

Don't you love how the room introduces reds, similar to the colour that we saw in the living room? While these are different rooms the same tones remains, subtly connecting the living spaces.

The dining room chairs are also exquisite decor pieces in themselves. Together with the rug, the artwork and the vase of flowers on the table, this is a very welcoming space.

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Courtyards throughout the interior

In this area of the house, we can see how beautiful courtyards flooded in light are interspersed throughout the interior spaces of the house. 

This particular one on the right features terracotta tiles and outdoor furniture, as well as a pergola, creating an outdoor terrace. The other is filled with vegetation, bringing natural light, trees, flowers and bushes to the interior spaces.

Aquamarine tones

Arriving in one of the bedrooms, we come across neutral, clear and pretty feminine colours, as well as wooden elements that have been finished in a light pink tone.

The aquamarine colours remind us of a swimming pool, creating a very tranquil and relaxing ambiance. The curtains that cover the window, filtering light in, add to this look and feel. 

Don't you love the touch of floral in the form of the bed linen?

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Mediterranean bathroom

As we say goodbye to this beautiful home, we come across the master bathroom. This is a fairly large bathroom, where white is the dominant colour. It contrasts beautifully with the horizontal blue line that runs around the perimetre of the wall as well as frames the large mirror. 

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The cabinets in this space have a Mediterranean look and feel, bringing a bright and charming touch to the space.

The fundamental concept of this house was to allow a country house to collide with city life.

 房子 by Casas inHAUS, 現代風