9 sensational small kitchen bars you'll die for


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9 sensational small kitchen bars you'll die for

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If you have a small kitchen and you love to have a kitchen bar or a kitchen island, this post will give you many (many) ideas that you can adapt to different styles. Here you can note how to separate spaces, what colours to use, and which materials are best. 

Your kitchen island does not have to be exactly the same as those discussed below, but pay close attention to the combinations of materials, textures and colours, and adapt them to your home. Remember that your small kitchen island must meet your specific needs. Let's see them!

1. Sleek and thin

In a small kitchen, every centimetre counts, so it is good to build the base and counter as thin as possible. It is important to not make it so thin that the stability will be compromised. It will be helpful to solicit the services of a professional to make sure you achieve this balance. 

2. Don't be afraid of colour

Believe it or not, the most attractive part of a kitchen island or kitchen bar is the top point or counter. Its material and colour will depend on the quality and style. So do not be afraid to experiment with different surfaces and colours.

3. Lack of space is no excuse

one-wall kitchen can also have bar. It is a myth that kitchen bars can be built only when it is connected with the dining room or living room. A linear or separate kitchen can also have a small bar.

4. Don't underestimate the power of light

The design of lamps, the colour of the bulbs, and direction of light can completely transform a small kitchen bar. Remember the role of kitchen islands-bars is not simply to grab coffee in the morning, these are social and very important spaces in small apartments when we receive visitors.

5. Utility in mind

When space is minimal, it is best to install only the top and the base to one end so as to free up legroom. A kitchen bar that is uncomfortable is a lost investment. When designing your bar, buy or build a rod whilst keeping in mind the utility that it will have and how you will feel when you use it. If you do not have space to stretch your legs, for example, it can become a real discomfort.

6. Keep things minimal

It is a design principle that when something is very small, there is no room for extravagance. Good taste is simple.

7. Keep the continuity

Kitchen bars are usually separate spaces, and it is in very bad taste if the design of your bar has nothing to do with the style of the rest of the house. In this interesting example, the same wood of the bar is repeated on the wall of the TV.

8. Work with a palette

When designing a space, it is good to always work with a palette of colours that combine well and make decisions for materials based on the palette. Here, for example, predominant tones are grey-white, wood, and yellow.

9. Stylish and comfortable

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Here is another example of how you can achieve a modern, simple kitchen bar which is spacious and comfortable enough to enjoy dinner at.

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