21 spectacular but affordable bathrooms


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21 spectacular but affordable bathrooms

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
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Are you in need of a bathroom revamp that won’t leave you broke? Well, homify has compiled a list of 21 amazing ideas that will transform your bathroom and leave your home neat and tidy again! So whether you are thinking of a sleek and modern design or just including a few new accessories to perk up that old-fashioned style, there is something to suit your bathroom. We’ve looked at all perspectives of style, from the most classic and traditional to the modern minimalist inspired and even attractive Mediterranean bathroom design ideas.

1. Rustic factor

A rustic style bathroom is a great choice in any home, so consider some raw wooden beams for the flooring and opt for a spacious porcelain bath tub to recreate this luxurious and comfort design.

2. Simple and elegant

This bathroom is attractive and simple, with elegant lighting adding chic style to the space, along with a gorgeous green plant for a fresh look.

3. Drift wood inspired

incorporating drift wood into the decor is not only inexpensive, but will also create that cabin inspired bathroom decor that is rustic and classic.

4. Zen space

A bathroom needs to be a great place to unwind and relax, and with the neutral colours and pebble pathways, you may never want to leave. 

5. Like a hotel

You are probably most relaxed and at peace while on vacation, so opt for a hotel inspired bathroom such as this to add tranquility to your home.

6. Concrete luxury

Industrial flair is a trendy idea for any bathroom decor, and when paired with gold retro lighting, the concrete is unbelievably elegant. 

7. Dark contrast

So while bathrooms can be bright and brilliant, there is something attractive and elegant about a darker tone such as this slate grey example, that when combined with the white sink and bath tub creates the perfect contrast. 

8. Consider some geometrics

Adding geometric shapes such as these grey and white tiles are the perfect way to bring some quirky style into your design.

9. Nice and neutral

By incorporating muted and neutral shades and modern fixtures and fittings, the bathroom is perfectly classic and contemporary, while being tasteful and trendy for years to come. 

10. A loft

This is a great idea for those thinking about adding extra bathrooms to their home, a loft is ideal and can make for a great serene space too, and when paired with a skylight, this bathroom is brilliantly illuminated.

11. Simplicity

現代  by GAL srl, 現代風

A simple bathroom such as this will be trendy and tasteful. It's a style choice that can never go wrong.

12. A spot of colour

An eclectic and colourful bathroom is a great choice for those who love to be quirky and unique.

13. For the love of shabby

根據 Pixcity 地中海風

There’s just something so cosy about shabby chic style, so make use of those uneven walls or exposed brick and bring that rustic and traditional décor to your bathroom.

14. Tiny and stylish

Just because your bathroom is small, doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish, this bathroom décor makes perfect use of each and every corner, while a well-it mirror is a must in every home.

15. Some glitz

Who says that you can’t have a luxurious looking bathroom on a budget? Add some detail with a decorative mirror and your bathroom will instantly look more glamourous.

16. Transparency

Glass shower doors are a great way to instantly modernise and enhance the space in a smaller bathroom, and this large mirror that illuminates the bathroom even further is a perfect choice too.

17. Accessories

Bring a personal touch to your bathroom by incorporating vases, photographs and some artistic pieces into the space, and if shelves are what you need before you can get started, then contact a joiner to get yours fitted.

18. White bathroom

Bring a personal touch to your bathroom by incorporating vases, photographs and some artistic pieces into the space, and if shelves are what you need before you can get started, then contact a joiner to get yours fitted.

19. Dare to be

A memorable bathroom needs to be different, and these patterned tiles will definitely make your bathroom more memorable and funky.

20. Perfection

Another style choice that cannot be wrong, regardless of the chaotic home. The simple and neutral colour scheme, modern fixtures and fittings, natural light and fantastic mirror makes this bathroom decor a top design.

21. Mediterranean inspiration

根據 homify 古典風

We promised a Mediterranean inspired bathroom, and this blue tile and wooden cabinet decor cannot be anything else. It will make for a tranquil yet fascinating bathroom choice even if your home is located far from any seaside or ocean view. Here are: 7 Bathrooms Perfect for South African Homes.

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