7 lighting ideas for compact apartments


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7 lighting ideas for compact apartments

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If there is one element of domestic design and style that makes a huge difference to the overall aura and ambience of a space, it is the lighting. Lighting ensures a room is welcoming, and can single-handedly offer success or failure when redecorating a dwelling. For this reason it is extremely important to consider the method of illumination that you implement, as well as its placement and wattage.

Getting the lighting right in a home can be a tricky task as the best of times, but it is made even more difficult when you are working with a compact home. Today on homify we are going to look at 7 lighting ideas for your small apartment or abode, with a focus on ensuring you create a sophisticated and inviting atmosphere. Read on below for a few tips and tricks, and create your updated and desirable dwelling today!

1. Upward lighting with wall sconces

Not only does upward lighting create a welcoming ambience and mood, it also ensures that no direct light hits any specific areas within the room. This might not seem important, but it adds to a sense of warmth within a space, and works particularly well in areas of rest and relaxation. 

In this bedroom, we see the gorgeous wall-mounted lights situated high up above the window. This soft glow illuminated the room seamlessly, and is paired with side lamps for extra brightness. 

2. Go for recessed kitchen lighting

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In small kitchens, direct light can really affect the spaciousness of the space, as well as illuminate undesirable corners and architectural angles that should be overlooked. The solution comes in the form of recessed lighting, which offers an extremely bright alternative, without the unwanted disadvantages of downlights. 

3. Try wall mounted lamps instead of freestanding

If you don't have enough space for side tables, or you simply want to keep them free for other ornaments or coffee table books etc. you should try wall-mounted lamps. Wall-mounted lamps are perfect for saving space, while offering a chic contemporary aesthetic. 

If you need assistance with your home's lighting, and would like to get some expert advice, find a professional via the homify website and get started today!

4. Segregate a dining space with a feature light

In smaller homes, it is common that one large room services several domestic living zones. To segregate and keep certain areas apart, lighting can be effectively implemented. 

Check out this neat demonstration, which wonderfully utilises a bendable ceiling mounted lamp to differentiate between the dining space, and the other areas of the home. 

5. Try multi-purpose track lighting

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Track lighting is a must-have for small and compact apartments, as it allows the occupant to shine light onto certain areas within a space. Do you want your wall art illuminated, while your television to remain dark? Simply angle the individual light, and watch your room's ambience transform.

6. Get creative with neons

For something a little more creative, we take a peek at neons. Neon lights are another wall-mounted fixture (to save space), which add pizzazz and uniqueness to a room. You can purchase virtually any font, text and colour, with your imagination the only limiting factor. If you want something original, consider having a light professionally made, or check out the array of DIY options on the market as well.

7. Simple and practical downlights

Last, but certainly not least, we come to downlights. These practical, age-defiant and versatile fittings suit pretty much any dwelling, but work very well in compact homes, where space is limited, and their small size is desirable. 

Additionally, consider adding them to furniture, recessed and hidden away from sight. This can illuminate feature pieces within your home, as well as creating a subtle and alluring mood. 

We hope this Ideabook gave you a few ideas to light your dwelling effectively. If you'd like to learn more, check out: 12 must-know styles of domestic lighting

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