A home in Fourways that the family filled with love, on a low budget


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A home in Fourways that the family filled with love, on a low budget

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
根據 Spiro Couyadis Architects 鄉村風
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homify 360° is your daily fix of stylish and ultra fantastic architectural creations, in a multitude of settings worldwide. Today’s discovery keeps it local by transporting us to good old Jozi (Fourways, to be exact), where a modern house in a range of light neutral tones treats us to a very elegant setting – it looks as if the house belongs on a Hamptons beach with its pale tones, spacious layouts, and elegant surfaces.

But see for yourself what we mean…

The front façade

Even from the street view, we can see the elegant dose of pale neutral tones adorning the double-storey house. Garage doors, window frames, roof – they all flaunt a beautiful selection of off-whites, greys, or earthy beiges.

Typically South African, a sturdy security wall closes off a generous portion of the house’s one side, although this gives us the opportunity to discover that striking gate, which adds in a bit of block pattern to the modern façade.

A wider view

Stepping back a little treats us to a better view of the house – and from this angle we get a much better understanding of just how big this house really is. Numerous surfaces come into play, with additional windows, side walls, and protrusions adding to the house’s already interesting form.

The generous interiors

It would have been a real shame had those interiors not made use of the double-storey height; fortunately, they have, as we can see in this generously spaced layout of the dining room and adjoining living room. 

We’re not sure about you, but we get a strong Hamptons vibe when looking at this room: the elegant pale tones, the stylish striped pattern, a slight touch of ocean blue colour added to the palette, spacious layouts, and unique touches mimicking a slight nautical vibe, such as that crisp white timber credenza behind the sofa.

One with the kitchen

This open-plan layout includes another vital area – the kitchen, which, as we can see here, is located only a few feet from the dining table. Neatly separated from the living- and dining areas by means of a peninsula, the kitchen seems to flaunt the same light tones as the rest of the interiors we’ve already seen. 

How fabulous are those ceiling lights dangling above the peninsula, adding some delightful glows onto the working/dining space? 

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Going up

We have time for one more look, and we chose the staircase which leads us to the more private areas of the house, located on the top floor. 

The pale palette continues to do its best here, yet now some more dusty toned colours are added to the mix, particularly the steps of the staircase, which seem to be the same hue as the wooden floor. 

Notice that another credenza with family photos has been added to the hallway, adding some warmth and charm into this stunning family home. 

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