21 money saving tips for every room in your home!


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21 money saving tips for every room in your home!

Leigh Leigh
斯堪的納維亞  by 99chairs, 北歐風
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At homify, we love a good bargain! There is nothing better than learning how to create a stylish and attractive home, while spending as little as possible.

This is why today we bring you 21 effective ways to improve your home under R150, which have been cultivated and gathered from professionals all over the world.

We will explore every space in the house – from the living room to the bedroom – so see how we can instantly enhance the design on a shoestring.

You'll learn how to have the most modern and trendy home, organize the accessories and decorations in your home in the most effective way possible and create an incredibly functional spot all in one go!

Are you ready?

1. Install lights under the kitchen cabinets to create a soft glow throughout the environment

This is much cheaper than installing dimming lights and it will enhance those kitchen cabinets and shelves!

2. Use a grout pen to make your tiles look as good as new

根據 homify 隨意取材風

Maybe add a fresh coat of paint while you're at it too!

3. Use door stops

鄉村  by homify, 田園風

Natural Rope Knot Door Stop


Door stops are incredibly cheap and easy to find and will prevent your walls from getting dents and marks every time someone swings the door open.

4. Invest in a cheerful doormat

現代  by Boscolo, 現代風

Upper Park, Loughton


An entrance sets the tone for the rest of the home. 

Have a look at these modern entrance halls that make a statement.

5. Lubricate the door and window hinges

現代  by Modern Doors Ltd, 現代風 複合木地板 Transparent
Modern Doors Ltd

Ravenna Oak Internal Door Prefinished

Modern Doors Ltd

This will not only prevent creaking, but it will keep doors working perfectly for much longer. Maintenance is key to a good home!

6. Add felt pads to the underneath of your furniture feet

斯堪的納維亞  by 99chairs, 北歐風

Wohnen Skandinavian


You don't want to scratch the floors, especially when it comes to heavy furniture. 

7. Polish your leather furniture

經典  by Locus Habitat, 古典風
Locus Habitat

Leather Sofa

Locus Habitat

A leather sofa or armchair can look as good as new with a bit of elbow grease!

8. Fill in and smooth wall cracks

ABC for the Spelling Bee, Black 根據 homify 北歐風

ABC for the Spelling Bee, Black


It takes five minutes, but keeps your home looking in tip-top shape for a life time.

9. Add hanging space

極簡主義  by homify, 簡約風

Especially if you live in a small home, hanging space can help you utilise the vertical area available to you while keeping items stored neatly out of sight.

Also have a look at these 10 solutions for small spaces.

10. Replace rusty or stained plugs

 國家  by Drummonds Bathrooms, 鄉村風
Drummonds Bathrooms

Country House Barn, Surrey

Drummonds Bathrooms

It's all in the detail!

11. Add a fresh vase of flowers

不拘一格  by rigby & mac, 隨意取材風
rigby & mac

Ceramic Cactus Vases

rigby & mac

A fresh vase of flowers or a pot plant can instantly transform a house, bringing in a natural form of decor.

12. Opt for wall art

不拘一格  by Vinyl Impression, 隨意取材風
Vinyl Impression

Hand drawn flower (pack 1) wall stickers

Vinyl Impression

Not only is wall art very reasonably priced, but it allows you to transform a room in the most temporary way. When you get tired of this design, you simply swap it out.

13. Get rid of the old lampshades

斯堪的納維亞  by Imperfect Interiors, 北歐風
Imperfect Interiors

Open Plan 1st floor Living room

Imperfect Interiors

A new lampshade can instantly transform a room, especially because lighting is key. You can also learn how to make your own lampshades with paper – a fun DIY project for the whole family.

14. Pack away clothing that you don't need

Instantly declutter you cupboard by packing away your winter wardrobe in summer and vice-versa.

Also have a look at these: Alternative clothing storage options for those without a closet.

15. Put a laundry basket in the bathroom

斯堪的納維亞  by homify, 北歐風 塑木複合材料

Tricks laundry basket


You'll never have dirty clothes lying on the floor again!

16. Clean the light bulbs

現代  by An Artful Life, 現代風
An Artful Life

Bare bulb fabric flex light

An Artful Life

This may seem odd, but it will instantly create a brighter and more sleek looking interior.

17. Clean the carpets and rugs

Hire a special carpet cleaner or do some Saturday morning scrubbing. A clean rug or carpet makes for a very clean home.

18. Scrub the oven plates

In the kitchen, you want all of your appliances to look new, tech-savvy and shiny. Scrub the oven plates clean and make sure all of your appliances get a regular wipe down so that they looking sparkling and new.

19. Let your home smell delicious

Carefully hide scent diffusers around your home for a just cleaned smell or burn candles every now and then.

20. Colour code your storage

現代  by Diagonal Furniture, 現代風
Diagonal Furniture

Tomado Floor Standing Shelves

Diagonal Furniture

Everyone will know where to put what, creating a very effective and organised home.

21. Hang up artwork

斯堪的納維亞  by HAM, 北歐風

HAM Screen Prints


This adds personality and charm to your house and all it needs is a bit of time! Get around to hanging those mirrors too!

現代房屋設計點子、靈感 & 圖片 根據 Casas inHAUS 現代風