5 ways to solve your rental home design woes


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5 ways to solve your rental home design woes

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Don’t be sad if so far your experience in your newly rented apartment has been less than perfect. You know leaving this space is out of question, as it is so conveniently close to all the local amenities and your workplace is only five minutes’ walk away. But whenever you look around your own home, you seem to locate a fresh source of disappointment. Isn’t there a way to address this? 

There most certainly is! Though major structural modifications are often impossible to carry out in a rented space without express permission from the owner, small changes are possible to make the interiors more comfortable and chic. Let’s explore some of the many ways of resolving the woes of your rented home…

Boring white walls

It may not be possible for you to rip off the plaster and expose the beautiful brick wall underneath, but you can easily give the boring walls a congenial facelift. Consider putting up wallpaper or a piece of colourful fabric to spice up the interiors. Often, decorating the feature wall is enough to transform a bland looking space into a brighter one.

You may also seek the owner’s permission to paint the walls with a shade that is a particular favourite of yours. At the very least, you can easily inject life into your home by putting up large format framed photographs and paintings on the walls.

What to do with the miserable flooring?

Going for wall to wall carpet is the best option. This will only work if the underlying floor is not damaged in any way. The next best option is going for area rugs. You can use layered rugs to cover different areas as well as to give your home a cheerful feel.

Why not consider using some of those beautiful handwoven Malaysian mats? They are such exceptional articles of décor for your abode. Another option would be to spread tatami on the floor and hide the areas that are most damaged.

Awful window treatment

You need curtains or blinds to keep the sun out, ensure the privacy of the interiors and augment the beauty of your home. Shabby window treatment would not help you in any way. But thankfully they are easy to replace. You can simply change them with a set that seems to suit the interiors.

For a cool interior atmosphere, you can pair curtains with blinds. Alternatively, you could opt for sheer drapes along with heavier ones. Choose fabrics that feel luxurious and are easy to maintain as well.

Poor lighting

As you may have already noticed, poor lighting makes the interior gloomy and depressing. It's hard on the eyes, too. Layered lighting could help you to resolve the concern. The layered approach creates a more intriguing space.

You can combine ambient, task and accent lighting to illuminate the interiors. See how this small living-cum-dining area has been cheerfully decorated by doing just that.

Painfully old fashioned kitchen

A functional kitchen needs proper layout, right furniture and accessories. More often than not, upgrading kitchens involve considerable structural alteration which may not be possible in a rented dwelling. That does not mean, you are stuck in a hopeless situation.

Find out what are the changes you are looking forward to and the ones that are relatively easy to perform. Bringing in a new set of furniture, refurbishing the old kitchen cabinets, refreshing the wall décor and installing colourful lighting fixtures fall into this category. 

Though slightly superficial in nature, changes like these can help you to build a kitchen that you may feel comfortable to work in. Now that you know what steps to take to create a more pleasing ambience in your rented abode, it is time for you to roll up your sleeves and apply them.

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