A Little but Elegant Indian Apartment

Ruqaiyya Hussain Ruqaiyya Hussain
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Not all of us love the idea of spending millions and acquire a sophisticated look. Some people desire to have an ordinary look with an edge and get a home design that is practical, feasible and also within budget. While the Internet is brimming with inspirations and decor ideas for grand sized homes, it is unlikely to find much on budget friendly mid-sized home. Shedding light on this topic, today we bring you a glimpse to a regular, bubbly and colorful home from India that has much to learn, adopt and copy from.

Entertainment and Media

While one part of the wall houses the small library for studying and reading, the another part has a large TV screen mounted on it. The wall itself is painted with lots of leafy prints, flowers, and the splash of colors. The low-lying furniture is used to store the TV remote, CDs, decor pieces and other essential items of home that come handy. A complete package of ideas for your new home! 

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An ode to Krishna

Krishna has been one of the most popular gods in Indian Hindu Mythology and thus we firstly bring some light to the Pooja room, better say small Mandir area of the house. The small mandir is well adjusted in a small area and the background wall section has been specially designed and painted to distinguish it from the rest of the room.

A Bedroom that speaks volumes

Not all bedrooms are made out of chandeliers, big round beds and lots of white lights. In practical homes of real lives, this design not only looks apt but also falls fit into the frame of design requirements of everyone. We loved the texture on the wall, which is appealing and a new color shade that is often found in regular homes. The lamp shades are also a little extraordinary and the simplicity rocks in this space. 

Corner stuffed with Cabinets and Drawer storage

In the living room, the presence of drawers and cabinets is crucial, especially when the house has been made within limited space. Every inch is counted and thus, use of steep, wide and high almirahs seems to be appropriate. Another wardrobe on the side of the wooden almirah has been placed to store the laundtry.

Kids Room to Inspire their Inner Sportperson

You might have always assumed that the kid's rooms are meant to look like a space drawn out of Disney world. Break the monotony and decorate it something like this. The architect and designer not only have successfully made the best use of less space by using loft, they have created two different worlds on a single wall. The lower wall with curves and rainbow for a girl and the cricket theme on upper wall to wake the inner sports keeda from your darling boy.

Living Room cum Kitchen area

Keeping the living area connected with the kitchen, this house sets an example of how you can use the living area as a dining room if you are short of space but cannot compromise on style and convenience at your home. The walls have been ornated with art paintings and small windows at the back of the sofa. Small benches, instead of chairs, have been used to save space. 

Living Room Details

If we look at the living room from depth then we can see that things and decor have been kept minimal and simple. This creates a spacious vibe in the area. A small wall clock is all we have got on the wall. The section between crossing sofas is used to place a large standing flower vase. The small table works fine to place ash tray and snacks whenever guests arrive.