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8 Homes That Co-Exist With Nature

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Borrowing some design principles from Mother Nature is a sure way to create a relaxing and gorgeous home. There are plenty of ways to incorporate her splendor in your design: from natural materials like wood and stone, to water features and elegant decks, to plant life both in and outdoors. The architects whose work we've collected here have taken natural inspiration even further. The shape, textures, and even practical elements all strive to feel in-tune with nature. Most of these homes are surrounded by wonderful views too! Explore these marvels of nature with us. 

1. Natural Path

While stone pathways look natural, this pathway made of log stumps is inventive and even more natural in the forest surroundings. It seems as though the path just sprung up naturally, along with the beautiful greenery on either side. Notice the gap in the center of the house between the wooden walls. We can imagine a lovely breeze flowing through the whole house here, what a way to cool off in the warm summer!

2. Seaside Pathway

The architects responsible for this modern beauty found a creative way to deal with the rocks near the home entrance. These lovely wooden stairs pour over the rocks and allow residents an easy pathway up to their home. Yet, by keeping the material a blank and light wood the architects have avoided clashing with the stunning seascape surrounding the home. 

3. Over-Grown

This home has an amazing geometrical shape. The architects have taken advantage of the typical modern home's stacked appearance by creating a layered garden throughout the whole home. From curb to green awning to rooftop this home is teeming with life. Not only does the green roof allow for faster cooling of the home, it also feels like the top canopy of a gorgeous home jungle. 

4. Lake Life

The unique windows of this home offer a stunning view of the nearby lake. By frosting the window on the left, and keeping those on the right clear, the architects have created the illusion that the whole home is right on the edge of the water. The light wood doesn't offer too much contrast with the light blue water, keeping our focus on the darker mountainscape in the back.

5. Stunning Sleeping

If you want to wake up to the sunrise and shifting shade of the forest, this bedroom is for you! The large glass windows provide protection from curious birds, but the windows can be opened up to allow in a soft breeze and the sound of bird calls. You might feel like this design isn't private enough for your own home-- you're probably not in an isolated forest. To remedy this you could install some wall-long curtains and frost the the top windows. 

6. Eco Paradise

Green Roof & Solar Panels ZeroEnergy Design 現代房屋設計點子、靈感 & 圖片 Orange
ZeroEnergy Design

Green Roof & Solar Panels

ZeroEnergy Design

You might be charmed by this home's vibrant colour and thick front garden, but there's so many features hiding beneath the surface. First, the roof is covered with solar panels to harness the sun. Second, the house uses a grey water system to nourish the front garden. Third, the back wall is buried deep into the hill behind the house, using its stabilizing effect to cool the house in the summer and warm it in the winter. What better way to be in tune with nature than to take advantage of it's renewable resources? Want to make your home a little more green? Perhaps this one will inspire you. 

7. Marsh-Side Luxury

This tall home was already luxurious before the designers installed an amazing natural-style pool and lounge area. The reeds and tall grass surrounding the pool and the couches make the space feel like a private marshland spa. The mature trees make the space feel more realistic, and provide some shade. Of course, that emerald pool looks dream-like and relaxing. There's plenty more incredible pool designs here

8. Mountain Home

If it was a stunning mountainside that you want your home to co-exist with you can't go wrong with this design. The secret is the white square surrounding the dark reflective center. It doesn't just reflect the wonderful mountains surrounding it, the contrast itself feels like the dark and snow-capped mountains. 

To take a tour of the interior of a nature inspired home, take a look at this sunny house.

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