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Treat for Eyes: House from Bellary

Ruqaiyya Hussain Ruqaiyya Hussain
Hasta architects 現代風玄關、走廊與階梯
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Today, we dare to bring you a two storey house from Bellary, Karnataka that represents you a definition of class and modernity at its best. The house that is designed by professional Hasta Architects, the house has two bedrooms, one kids room, a living room, a small Mandir and a grand hallway. 

Right from its balcony to the entry gate, we find everything perfectly organised and decorated. The focal point of the house is its entrance route where you will feel delighted to enter the house. The most impressive part is that the house has its share of greenery and nature within its boundaries and thus, you enjoy the modern yet healthy living experience.  

The Facade: Lighted and Attractive

North Elevation Hasta architects 現代房屋設計點子、靈感 & 圖片
Hasta architects

North Elevation

Hasta architects

It has been truly said that the entrance of your home lays the very first impression on the guests. Looking at the facade of the home, it is clear that this home is simple and full of life and lights. The open balcony and front courtyard look interesting even from a distance. White colored paint with black outlines brings a new attractive element to space. 

Entrance- Stairs and Front Decoration with Plants

As you walk through the entrance gate towards the stairs, you can see black marble made stairs and few green plants placed on both the sides. The front wall with gradient designs and a decorative light looks brilliant combination to get the feel of luxury. The background walls have been kept white and simple to create a balance.

Entry to Home: A masterpiece work by Designers

As soon as you enter the hallway, a beautifully decorated pillar with artwork on a black and white contrasting background appears. The white shining and spotless floor is a great choice to match up the standards of the wall. The lower wall has been painted black so as to protect from getting dirty and spots. 

Hallway- A serene area full of Entertainment

This hallway can be the perfect spot to have a great time with your family. A free space with a flat screen LED on the wall and a large sized window against to it. Proper sitting arrangments The curtains, carpet and the couch have been used in the same shade to create a link between the room and accessories. 

Bedroom- Simplicity Rules, Convenience Wins

bedroom where you will find nothing materialistic. Keeping the ideology of the members in mind, rooms have been designed thoughtfully. This room appears to be designed for parents and that's why the theme, as well as the decor, has been kept very simple, neat and minimalist. 

Mini Pooja Rooms full of devotion

A dedicated corner for pooja, this is a big inspiration for all those Indian homes who seek a special concept and decor idea for their homes but unable to provide an entire room for the same. Keep your spirits and devotion high with a mini saffron Mandir that hosts multiple figures and pooja items. 

Guest Room- With Everything Essential

ground floor master bedroom Hasta architects 臥室
Hasta architects

ground floor master bedroom

Hasta architects

A guest room forms a major part of Indian homes. Your guests need a proper area to live and sleep when they come to meet you and a guest room like this fits into the same frame. A simple bed with a small bedside table, two windows for fresh air, creative wallpaper pasted wall and air conditioner. The room rules high on simplicity and gorgeousness. 

Want to know more on how to decorate your guest room to make it comfy? Read this guide.

Kidzy Room- Blossoming Colors

Keeping the rule of simplicity and sophistication on side, the kidzy room is full of colors, vibrancy and blossom shades. We loved the cardboard designs over the rack and the bed design. Your kids too will love this idea of integrating girls and boys designs within one. provide them with a well defined area for each of them.

No ignorance to the ceilings

First floor master bedroom tv unit Hasta architects 臥室
Hasta architects

First floor master bedroom tv unit

Hasta architects

While we usual see the ceilings be plain white or embedded with some lights and lamps within, this design is little different and unusual. Lights have been hidden behind the shades and the walls alongside the screen of the TV also appears to be illuminated. Notice how the wall and curtains have been matched and blended with each other.

Wide Stairs with Handrails

To climb up from ground floor to the first floor and then to terrace, a separate section for the stairs has been created. Glass handrails, framed withing metal look glossy and shining. The dark colored stairs create a classy rich feel.

Balcony with plants

first floor balcony Hasta architects 露臺
Hasta architects

first floor balcony

Hasta architects

A simple balcony to gaze outside when added with small green plants naturally becomes a perfect setting to spend the evenings having tea or lost in thoughts. Nothing phenomenal or decorative items have been used.

Park and the Parking

view of garden from first floor Hasta architects 庭院
Hasta architects

view of garden from first floor

Hasta architects

A small park or courtyard with a pathway of stones appears while looking out from the balcony area. Parking place has also been kept in mind. No garage, park in open alongside the park.

Inner Courtyard

Indoor Landscape Hasta architects 庭院
Hasta architects

Indoor Landscape

Hasta architects

Small inner courtyard area with loads of greenery, both on the ground and the wall looks like a brilliant idea.  Covered shade over the metal framing provides covering from excess sunlight. Simple hanging lights enlighten the area and you can think of spending your cozy moments here. 

Secondary Angle to Courtyard

Indoor Landscape Hasta architects 庭院
Hasta architects

Indoor Landscape

Hasta architects

This picture shows how the courtyard appears from the other side. An open window for fresh air and an array of plants running from this wall to the other. 

Dining cum Kitchen area

A small dining area with no walls and boundaries has been set up within close proximity to the kitchen. The wood table and chairs are a classy pick and the theme of the kitchen too, appears to be simple and easy going. We appreciate how the designers have kept the flooring simple and paints white and yet managed to garner attention and eyes.

Stay tuned to us for more insights on such homes.

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