Funky egg cups for your home


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Funky egg cups for your home

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不拘一格  by Decorum, 隨意取材風
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When it comes to kitchen accoutrements and common food serving accessories can it get any cuter or more adorable than a selection of delightful eggcups? Also known as eggs servers, or even ‘footies’, there’s a lot more to egg cups than might initially meet the eye. Not simply a perfunctory vessel charged with the duty of holding your ‘soft boileds’ in tact before lopping their tops off and dipping your soldiers in—egg cups have come a long way from their dainty beginnings. Today, they come in all shapes and sizes, a vast range of designs and materials, from porcelain to pottery, wood to glass, Bakelite and plastic. More than this, they’ve become a trend in their own right, with so many new takes on the modern classic to suit every kitchen table and interior feel. 

They’re a fabulous collectors’ item (did you know that egg cup colleting is called ‘pocillovy’?) and a must have addition to any modern kitchen—take a look at the fabulous fresh examples of egg cups in action in below, take a few tips and be sure to make your home an egg cup haven too.

Getting kids to eat their breakfast!

不拘一格  by Decorum, 隨意取材風

The little wooden tractor egg cup


As anyone who has spent any time with children (babysitting, parenting etc.) can attest—getting little ones to eat their meal can be quite the challenging task! Often kids are not at all interested in devouring their early morning food, and who can blame them, the solitary boiled egg and piece of toast is not going to win any votes for delicious looking breakfast. That is where the ingenious ‘child friendly’ eggcup comes in. Designed like a tractor and delightfully cute, this is one egg holder that might get the kids imaginations fired up, while happily eating their brekkie. Moreover, you needn’t be a child to enjoy these beauties—pick up a set of interesting or bespoke egg holders to turn breakfast into something special!

The eggcup without the cup

For the fashion conscious, this egg holder has it all—thin modern design, sturdy, attractive and above all sans cup. Who says an eggcup must have a cup? These handy breakfast staples forego their traditional design and eliminate the task of cleaning broken bits of eggshell out while providing an attractive holder for your boiled breakfast. Not only do they look spectacular on their own, but paired with other more traditional or vintage items ensure your breakfast table will look innovative eclectic and fresh, whilst being practical and effective.

Simple bespoke elegance

For The Table - Tableware range by Jo Davies Ceramics 根據 Jo Davies Ceramics
Jo Davies Ceramics

For The Table – Tableware range by Jo Davies Ceramics

Jo Davies Ceramics

Choosing eggcups may seem an arbitrary or unimportant task, but the truth is, with so many different tableware options you undeniably want to pick something useful and attractive. These bespoke eggcups are elegant yet simple, they are timeless and still provide a gorgeous addition to any dinnerware set and well prepared breakfast. If you are looking to host a stylish or tantalising brunch, look no further than artist-made porcelain eggcups.

Give yourself a reason to giggle in the morning

根據 Givensa

How could you not smile as you crack the top off of your boiled egg while a cute face watches in confusion from below—these egg cups will provide the much needed light-heartedness as you heave yourself from a deep sleep and attempt to tackle the work day ahead. Porcelain eggcups have traditional roots, but joined the mainstream in the Victorian era and allowed ordinary people the luxury of purchasing these handy items for their breakfast. Since then the humble eggcup has come a long way with almost every design imaginable. Choose an amusing or comical cup for a truly cheerful brekkie. Note: these eggcups are particularly useful during the winter months when mornings are dark, dreary and even the sun does not wish to greet you from your slumber.

The matchstick nest

Send that soft boiled egg back to where it came from! This delicate and nifty nest-shaped eggcup holds a single hard or soft-boiled egg with ease. Modelled on bird’s nests and made from small matchstick pieces of wood, this statement piece of tableware will have the breakfast table talking.

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