10 easy and low-cost ways to get more space in your home


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10 easy and low-cost ways to get more space in your home

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Don’t feel bad if you feel like you’re fighting an ever-increasing battle against space (or rather the lack thereof) in your home – you are in terrific company, for this is a true reality for most of us. This leads to some options, including building a spacious mansion or thinking up some clever ways in which to increase the existing space in your current home.

And since the latter of these suggestions is more attainable, we thought we’d focus on that. These 10 clever space-saving ideas we’ve gathered for you today have proven their worth again and again, which is exactly why they deserve to be mentioned.

Scroll down and see which ones you’ve never thought of before…

1. Building a loft

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Using the vertical space in a home (as opposed to the horizontal) has proven to be a rather clever trick at conjuring up more legroom, which is why we are so fond of loft areas. Ideal for anything from a living room and reading area to guest bedroom or storage zone, a loft is the number one go-to source for anybody requiring a bit of extra space.

2. Pedestal tables

Yes, they really do save on space. Just think of how many more chair legs (and human legs) you can fit around that table when you don’t have to worry about bumping into the table legs.

Plus they look quite adorable, right?

3. Coffee tables that help out with storage

Coffee tables and ottomans with built-in storage compartments are truly heaven-sent designs, cleaning up anything from magazines and remote controls to children’s toys.

4. Sliding kitchen drawers

Not only can sliding kitchen drawers help you gain easy access to the far corners of a cupboard, but they also make cleaning up so much easier. 

Speaking of which, better take a look at these 7 Things in the household you are cleaning wrong!

5. Wall hooks

Collapsible stools, foldable chairs, jackets, hats, scarves… these can all be cleared up off the floor in a jiffy by hanging them on simple wall-mounted hooks – the ideal solution for when there is no space for a cupboard or closet.

6. Nesting tables

經典  by Connox, 古典風

These were all the rage in the 1970s, and now they’re back – but this time they have more styles and colours for us to choose from! 

Some options, as shown above, can be used for both stools and tables – and you know how much we adore double-duty furniture here on homify.

7. Furniture that’s just clever

A smart wooden table with secret storage shelves could become a very clever space saver in your small home. Simply push it up against the kitchen area and watch it become a peninsula or breakfast counter, or even a desk.

8. An all-in-one furniture unit

And just like ‘that’ (*snaps fingers), your all-in-one TV unit can become a desk. Just attach simple hinges, a pane for the desk, and a fold-out support stem. Definitely a must-try for our avid DIYers.

9. Drawers and closet organisers

A lot can go on behind closed closet doors – a lot of good, and a lot of bad. Rather opt for the former, and invest in clever little geniuses to clear up some closet space for your fashion essentials, such as simple boxes or containers for rarely used items, hangers, shelves, drawers, etc. 

Need a bathroom designer? How about a painter or floorer? Our list of professionals can help you out…

10. A wall-mounted television

What goes up doesn’t always have to come down. Clear up some floor space and opt for a wall-mounted TV instead of perching it up on a credenza or TV unit. This helps to leave more legroom open for additional furniture and décor – or walking, which is also important!

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