12 Fabulous Floating Staircases


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12 Fabulous Floating Staircases

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極簡主義  by homify, 簡約風
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This stair design's magical floating style comes from superior design and, often, a gripping point that is hidden or disguised. Floating styles have become popular recently because they add such an unexpected look to a space. They can be elegant, modern, minimalists, industrial, or other styles depending on the materials used and the overall design. Let's take a look through some of the best floating stair designs. 

1. Elegance

This floating staircase stands dramatically over a glass floor. It's also made out of a rich wood that matches the ceiling. You'll want to consult an interior architect or a staircase professional to make sure that any floating stairs you install are safe. 

2. Glass

For an even less obstructive look, opt for a glass staircase. If you're worried about safety, take a look at the glass, it's been textured to allow for extra grip. 

3. Outdoors

Floating staircases are a great option for the outdoors, where sloped ground prevents you from building a usual support frame for a staircase. This particular staircase has the added benefit of matching the stone wall and decor of the garden. A stone or tile professional could help you achieve this look. 

4. Attraction

These stairs have been made as minimal as possible to keep the emphasis on the amazing indoor garden behind it. 

5. Industrial

極簡主義  by homify, 簡約風

Instead of the traditional uncomfortable iron railings of industrial style, consider these sleek metal steps. 

6. Twist

This twist on the floating staircase looks incredible. It's a dynamic and singular design that works well with minimalist spaces. 

7. Railings

If you have children or family members with mobility issues you may need to add a railing to your floating staircase. Luckily, as we can see here, the railing doesn't detract from the dark style of this space. 

8. See-Through Railing

One other safety option for floating staircases is a glass railing. You can still see that the staircase is floating, but children aren't liable to tumble off the side. 

9. Shelving

One lovely possibility for a floating staircase is to convert the space behind the stairs into a storage area, by extending one of the steps back. This design boasts beauty and practicality. 

10. Support

If you're not very comfortable with how unnervingly unsturdy some floating staircases can look, this simple modification on the design may put you at ease. The bottom steps and the top steps have clear solid supports.

11. Lofty

We just love the combination of these floating steps and the loft area they lead up to. The brown and white make for a nice contrast and the floating stairs mirror the look of the floating loft quite nicely. 

12. Narrow

These stairs are ideal for a small space. Where traditional staircases would be too bulky and a ladder would conflict with the modern style of the room, these glass steps are a perfect fit. 

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