A dank and compact home magically transformed


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A dank and compact home magically transformed

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 浴室 by The Lady Builder, 現代風
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The main reason we love before & after conversions is the incredibly satisfying feeling we get when we watch a tired and time-worn space magically transform into a gorgeous new abode. Converting ramshackle houses into brand new, modern and functional homes is as exciting as it is challenging. And the end result invariably has us jumping with joy! It also makes us realise just what can be achieved when you put together imagination and design expertise.

Today’s makeover story comes to us from North London, where Lady Builders, a group of home builders, took a ramshackle building and turned it into a beautiful space. Join us on this extra-charming before & after tour to see how the crumbling space now enjoys an earthy palette and swanky feel.

​Before: crumbling state

This very room seemed to be crumbling with the rubble-covered floor and old windows. The unutilised space with its classic bearings had plenty of scope, yet a renovation of the basic elements was required. Also, the brown floor against the otherwise white surroundings simply did not work.

​After: compact yet chic bedroom

Who would have thought that a once-dilapidated space could turn into such a fantastic and cosy bedroom? The soothing room now has neutrals stamped all over it – be it on the striped pillows, artwork on the walls or the cushions and headboard. The window is now partially covered with a pretty blind, while the delicate lamps throw a golden light over the space.

​Before: older than old

The bathroom was awash with a gloomy and murky ambience, with the mould on the ceiling actually blackening the surfaces. The once-upon-a-time white tiles were not maintained properly at all, giving the space an unhygienic look. The crevices were filled with dirt and grime and the old and outdated equipment cramped the space.

​After: a fresh and soothing bathroom

The new bathroom resembles an upmarket spa furnished with state-of-the-art fittings. The solid shelves and grey tiles contrast nicely with slim bathroom fixtures in white. The mirrored wall does the room justice in making it appear larger and more luxurious.

​Before: overgrown and unwieldy

This unkempt backyard patch seems to have outgrown its original beauty. The wild and untamed look shows the lack of maintenance of this area, while the crumbling walls around it contribute to the overall messy feel.

​After: a lush, well-manicured garden

After the renovation, the backyard has a well-planned and neat look. On one side, the designers created a well-tended lawn while a broad-tiled patio sits on the other. An obvious love for barbecue parties is evident from the kit lining the patch, while a neat circular dining table sits in the centre. An open cabinet houses the gardening tools and gear. To add to the charm, a pretty trellis bearing flowering plants is found at the far end. All in all, a thoroughly beguiling makeover!

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 房子 by Casas inHAUS, 現代風