18 fabulous lighting ideas to brighten your home


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18 fabulous lighting ideas to brighten your home

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Inside, outside, it's all the same when it comes to installing amazing lighting that will make the most of your home, which we think is an absolute necessity.

We've been blown away by some of the beautiful lighting schemes adopted by designers on behalf of their clients, so thought it would be fun to show you some of our all time favourites in case they inspire you to do something similar. After all, what's the point in having the perfect dining room if your lighting isn't up to scratch? Or taking the time to create a stunning house façade if the outdoor lighting lets it down?

Let's get to illuminating you in the importance of lovely lighting!

1. If you have some texture in or around your home, enhancing that with your lighting is a must!

2. Coordinate your landscaping to enhance your lighting and your home will look so high end

3. Dining room lighting should focus on drawing diners together so keep it dramatic and directed at the table

4. Recessed wall lights are perfect to give your façade a designer feel

5. A little colour can go a long way so experiment with your doorway illumination

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6. Floor lights that hug the shape of the wall will never fail to impress

7. Simplicity is often the best idea, so impactful freestanding lamps are great for a living room

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8. A swimming pool makes any garden shine, especially at night when the lights are on!

9. Under-shelving lighting is fast becoming incredibly popular. We think it's perfect for a home office to make those late nights a little more bearable

10. We're not sure how it was done, but this block wall with interspersed lighting cubes has captured our heart!

11. For smaller, awkward spaces, such as a loft bathroom, natural light is your best friend so start looking into skylights

12. Simple, punctuated exterior lighting that highlights textures and warm tones will make your house give a great first impression

13. Lighting the steps up to your front door will create a real sense of expectation and drama

14. A brightly lit rear garden will always stick in people's minds. Really go to town with your terrace

15. Your bedroom is always focused around the bed but your lighting can be a real draw too. Unusual, hanging lights looks so romantic

16. We hadn't really thought about lighting our plants before but, now that we've seen this picture, we can't get it out of our minds

17. For a welcoming vibe, light any panels of warm wood on the exterior of your home. This will naturally draw the eye to all those pretty designer touches

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18. Bathroom lighting really needs to be bright to make your space look and feel clean and fresh. Spotlights are perfect for this but we also love the integrated shelf lighting idea!

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For more home lighting tips, take a look at this Ideabook: 21 Outdoor Lighting Ideas To Make Your Home Shine.

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