A young woman became independent and converted 280 sqft into a fabulous home


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A young woman became independent and converted 280 sqft into a fabulous home

Tiahn Wetzler – homify Tiahn Wetzler – homify
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Would you ever imagine that anyone could create an entire home, that too a chic one, within 24sq.m?! We thought it was impossible until we came across this ideabook by Karine, who bought a 24 square meter studio with the intention of making a complete home out of it, including a living room, modern kitchen and a bedroom.

While the transformation was not easy, with help from the professionals in an architectural firm, she successfully renovated the small space to achieve the impossible – stylishly at that!

Original article by Sunita Vellapally for homify IN

​Before: A poor first impression

Previously, the first view on entering the studio was the inefficiently designed kitchen. The lack of storage resulted in a cluttered countertop. No effort was put into design and decoration, thereby presenting a messy space. However, the studio was well constructed and had a few good features that presented an ample scope for improvement using aesthetic design as well as functional elements.

Wait until you see the result!!

After: A modern and sophisticated kitchen

Is this really the same kitchen?! Every inch of the area has been used efficiently to provide storage and work space for cooking delicious meals. White cabinets with a glossy finish brighten up the area. The kitchen is equipped with all essential appliances, and there is noticeable attention to detail to function and design, like the strip of maintenance-free vinyl tile flooring near the sink as well as the chic hanging lampshade.

Before: Where’s the dining table?

The space opposite the kitchen was lying wasted. The designers worked at using the space to create a dining area, but without overloading the layout with too many elements that would give the studio a cramped feel.

​The result: dining with storage

The placement of a dining area across the kitchen, not only acts as a visual divider that separates the kitchen from the living area. The functional design incorporates storage cabinets along the previously wasted wall space. In addition to providing a place for storing crockery and cutlery, the sliding door cabinet also holds a flat screen television and other technological equipment that are essential for today’s modern lifestyle.

The dining table is built to minimum dimensions to allow it to be stashed away under the cabinets when not in use – a versatile furniture design for such a small space.

​Before: The view was the saving grace

Used as the living area and bedroom, the area was open and airy but had nothing to offer in terms of aesthetics, except for the view out of the window. A mattress on the floor provided a place to sleep, and it was pushed to the corner during the day for creating walking space in the living room.

After: Picture perfect

The space was redesigned into a cosy living area with stylish and comfortable sofa seating, fluffy cushions and modern side tables. The black-and-white colour scheme infuses the area with sophistication, and the wooden flooring throughout the apartment brings a warm ambiance. Natural light coming through the windows adds to the cheerful look.

But, where’s the bedroom?!

If you were wondering where the bed was located, here it is! This is what clever design can achieve. The bed slides down from the ceiling space over the sofa. Notice the grooves in the wall behind the sofa, which holds the mechanism for easy sliding out at night and retracting during the day. Isn’t that a great idea?!

​The last glance

We bid goodbye to this chic and cleverly designed studio with a final view of it from the corner sofa. Don’t you agree that the renovation has redistributed the space to distract from the smallness of the studio and created a home full of personality?

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