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Six steps to a clutter free home

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Life can be a hectic myriad of 'stuff' sometimes. We've all had those weeks, sometimes extending to over-the-month mark, of days which are simply too busy to invest time tidying our homes. We all know the chaos of an over-flowing washing basket, dirty stacked plates and general havoc invading our living space. So how about learning some tricks of the storage trade; the best ways to avoid getting into the familiar state of unbearable home clutter.

And that's just the trick: have some clever devices in your home that make organising yourself and your belongings easy. One excellent method in developing a truly tidy home is the invisible storage but there are so many ways to keep a home immaculate. So here we have it: your guide to the clutter free home you've always dreamed of.

Blissful bookshelves

Organised bookshelves are one of the true pleasures in life. They're simply the perfect way to arrange your belongings in an aesthetically pleasing way, as even slightly cluttered bookshelves just look eclectic and as if they were meant to be so. Obviously books are a great thing to store on them – in fact, probably the most recommended thing. But divide up your books with some personal items, perhaps from a CD player or some pieces you brought back from holiday. Family photos are another great thing to keep on bookshelves as they will be within good visibility. Here we see bookshelves that take up an entire wall but, of course, yours can be smaller. Long and thin bookshelves can be great for smaller rooms as they take up less floor space but give you lots of extra storage. 

Walk-in wardrobe

Walk in Wardrobe by Bravo London 根據 Bravo London Ltd 古典風
Bravo London Ltd

Walk in Wardrobe by Bravo London

Bravo London Ltd

A whole room devoted to the organised storage of your clothes? Sounds like the perfect idea. A walk-in wardrobe is the perfect solution to overflowing draws and shoes hiding the carpet from sight. The great thing about walk-in wardrobes is their wonderful compartmentalised system; there's a place for hanging garments, folded garments, shoes and all those little bits and pieces you find cluttering your closet. It also gives you that one specific place in which to change and throw aside clothes you, last minute, decide you don't want to wear that day. Close the door behind you on the way out and it's like there's no mess at all (as long as you promise to clean it up later!) But if you're really enthusiastic about organisation you can colour co-ordinate how you store your clothes – just think about how impressive that would look.

Out of sight, out of mind

We all need those few drawers where we can simply chuck the odd thing in – all the 'important' things we collect over the years. We know at least half of it could probably be thrown out but, all the same, we keep hanging on to them. Who knows when something could come in handy? The best place to have this unsightly drawer is undoubtedly out of sight, and where else could be better than underneath your bed. Not only does it keep all those bits and pieces hidden away but it also takes away the floor space under the bed which is so pesky to hoover (two birds, one stone). But these drawers don't have to necessarily be messy; feel free to organise and arrange as you see fit. Add in a few baskets or a compartmentalising system and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you're sleeping on top of a havoc free, organised haven. 

Utilise the space

All those nooks and crannies that you've been ignoring in your house could probably be used as excellent storage resources. Take this staircase, for example; who would have thought the classic under the stair cupboard could be renovated into such an elegant storage solution? These five drawers, fitted perfectly to the available space, give the home owner so much extra, organised space to work with. It's truly a rejuvenation of the one dimensional space that was the under the stair cupboard. Equally, these drawers are a great space to store all the things which found their home in the cupboard; cleaning products, old kids toys, etc. Of course you can choose a drawer design to fit the vibe of your home as not all homes would suit these minimalistic, white fittings. From what we can see here though, they certainly work practically and aesthetically in this home.

Use the shoe rack

Shoe racks are so unbelievably underrated in the modern home. They're simply the best thing to have underneath the coat pegs lining your hallway. Why have a space to hang your coat if there's no where to put your shoes? And there are so many different types of shoe rack, from plain to eclectic to traditional, or even contemporary, as we see in the example above. It allows for multiple size of shoe with some smaller compartments and some larger. It even comes with a floating hat box so if you're a hat fan definitely consider this extra option. Shoe racks really add to the entrance to your home too as they let your guests know that you're an organised host who has thought through all aspects of design in their home. So don't leave your coats hanging alone; give your shoes a chance to be arranged in the manner they deserve! 

Wondrous wine cellars

Sure, wine cellars are a very niche aspect of organising. However, if your wine collection exceeds more than a few bottles and the cellar is available, do consider renovating the free space into your very own wine cellar. There are a few reasons to do this: firstly, it is just about the most impressive thing you could have in your home. Your guests will be more than impressed and wonder about your fantastic lifestyle. Secondly, it makes you feel a million dollars. And thirdly, it's an aesthetically wonderful way to organise all those wine bottles you've been collecting over the months. In the above example there are many places for many bottles but of course you can scale your own wine cellar down to the size most appropriate to your collection. No matter how large or small the cellar there is little in life more satisfying than knowing you have your own, private wine cellar. 

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