8 small but charming kitchens


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8 small but charming kitchens

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
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Young professionals are now in need of affordable yet stylish living, and while modern homes are the perfect choice of sophistication, security and elegant fixtures and fittings, they often come with an open plan living space that includes a rather small kitchen. In this Ideabook, we look at 8 small kitchens that are charming, functional and attractive regardless of their compact size and layout. Your apartment living experience doesn’t have to be cramped and ugly, and we’ll show you why!

1. Contrast

It is important to create a contrast in order to balance your kitchen décor, opt for darker wooden cabinets and lighter countertops that enhance the illusion of a spacious kitchen, go for some brilliant lighting and the space will look cosy and elegant.

2. Practical

This small kitchen has a practical layout, allowing for more than enough space to work, cook, wash up and even eat. The bold use of colour is difference and trendy creating a sleek and contemporary design.

3. Storage

This kitchen is dynamic, with a variety of shelves, drawer and cabinets incorporated in the design to fit any and every kitchen essential.

4. Fantastic lighting

Fantastic lighting is one of the easiest and most effective ways to get your small kitchen looking great. If your kitchen receives some gorgeous natural light throughout the day, then consider not decorating the space with curtains.

5. A bar for you

A dining area in the kitchen may not always be possible, but this bar zone is a simple and effective feature for the modern home. The natural wood bar is great as a quick and easy breakfast area or countertop workspace, and will make your kitchen that much more functional. Contact a professional joiner for your own kitchen bar area.

6. Flexibility

The kitchen needs to be suited to the needs of the homeowner, so whether it is storage, a home office or a cupcake decorating table, the small kitchen layout should be quick and easy to navigate without stumbling over extra décor or furniture.

7. Colour choice

Your small kitchen doesn’t need to look simple and neutral. Opt for a pop of vibrant colour to get your home exciting, creative and attractive. Red is a trendy choice, but it does have a striking characteristic too.

8. Layout

Aside from the décor of a modern kitchen, you may have to consider some elegance in the form of planning and layout to get your kitchen looking great. Black cabinets and white splashbacks are a sensational choice for that modern minimalist décor, and with this linear layout it is sleek and stylish too. If you were inspired by thse charming kitchens, there here are 8 stunning small kitchens you'll adore too!

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