​And... relax


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​And… relax

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水療 根據 Gunitec Concept Pools
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If there’s one commercial operation where aesthetics really count, surely it’s in massage practices, spas and beauty salons. Relaxation is everything here, and as we all know picking the right environment to relax in is absolutely key to being able to do it properly. The way the air smells, the music that’s playing, the lighting… all contribute hugely towards determining how positive your experience will be, and how much you’ll be able to let go of your worries and stress. But decor matters too – just as much as any of those things, in fact. A massage is a very intimate procedure, as are many beauty treatments. Think facials, waxing, body scrubs – often a lot of skin exposure is involved and you’ll usually be alone with your masseuse or beauty therapist. You’re a lot less likely to even consider entering and enquiring about one of these services if you can see through the window that the place’s interior looks shabby, unprofessional or – that worst of all crimes for a beauty parlour to commit – unclean. Fortunately, there are plenty of massage and beauty parlours out there that get it absolutely right. Here are a few.

​A spiritual experience

This tranquil room is perfectly designed to promote calm and restfulness. The painted cherry blossoms are a lovely touch, bringing a dreamlike quality to the room and conjuring images of Asia that tie in perfectly with the Buddha, peacefully supervising all the treatments that take place here. The main colour choice for the walls is also ideal for this setting; pale blues and greens are well known to be the most soothing colours on the spectrum (which is also why they tend to feature so heavily in hospitals and doctors’ surgeries).

​Let the product provide the decor

Het Massagehuys | oils 根據 TANK interior design 現代風
TANK interior design

Het Massagehuys | oils

TANK interior design

By placing so many of these stunningly bottled oils out on display around the main body of this shop, as opposed to hiding the majority of them away in a stockroom, the designer of this space has managed to create a stronger impression of the brand’s personality than could ever be achieved by hanging pictures or filling the shelves with unrelated ornaments.

​Immerse yourself in calm

These submerged bath tubs provide all the luxury of a heated pool while offering a little bit of space to yourself.

​The full package

Het Massagehuys | treatment room 根據 TANK interior design 現代風
TANK interior design

Het Massagehuys | treatment room

TANK interior design

As bare as it may seem, this minimalist room actually provides everything you could possible need to relax: a pretty, well-lit space, a cupboard for storing oils and other massage essentials, and a comfy mattress. Notice the innovative metal beam structure above, and the way the wall on the left-hand side doesn’t come all the way up to the top, allowing light to pass from room to room.

​Mellow yellow

This room has got a bit more going on, but again it doesn’t overdo the colour palette, primarily sticking to yellow as an accent and otherwise using comfortingly warm but neutral shades.

​In good company

ISAAC, Skin Clinic and Wellness Centre 根據 Design Atelier 隨意取材風
Design Atelier

ISAAC, Skin Clinic and Wellness Centre

Design Atelier

It’s impossible to be alone in this massage parlour, which features additional customers peeking out between bright red shutters at every turn.

​And they say romance is dead

ISAAC, Skin Clinic and Wellness Centre 根據 Design Atelier 隨意取材風
Design Atelier

ISAAC, Skin Clinic and Wellness Centre

Design Atelier

Inside one of the treatment rooms, the spicy colour theme continues, featuring vampy walls, the option to turn on pink lights, and towels carefully folded into kissing origami swans. Perhaps “relaxing” isn’t exactly the right word for this pleasingly seedy set-up; but it certainly offers an escape from reality.

​Wholesome happiness

Spending a day being pampered in this thoroughly healthy-looking centre must be absolutely blissful. Everything has been painstakingly planned, down to the close colour match between the pendant lights and the lavender that features heavily as part of the decor.

現代房屋設計點子、靈感 & 圖片 根據 Casas inHAUS 現代風