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19 simple garden ideas with spectacular results

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Would you like to change or alter your garden but are unsure where to begin? In today’s Ideabook you’ll find 19 super stylish and beautiful ideas that will make a huge difference to your outdoor space’s ambience and aesthetic.

Perfect for any garden, large or small, we’ve got a range of unique plants, flattering designs, and wonderfully cosy seating areas paired with water features!

These ideas are sure to impress with their simple yet spectacular designs. Let’s check them out now…

1. The garden with everything!

Stepping-stones, timber cladding, split-level spaces and tonnes of greenery make this the ultimate sophisticated garden.

2. Adding grass

The garden beds of this neat and tidy space are both stylish and urbane.

3. Truly the ultimate outdoor kitchen!

Embracing timber flooring, this area has a warm atmosphere, looks fabulous and offers endless possibilities.

If you'd like to emulate something similar to this in your own home, you can always consult a professional to help you along the way!

4. A gorgeous garden pit

Create conversation with this warm and perfectly designed garden pit that is sure to add value and style to your home.

5. Modern water features

To really stand out from the crowd, this water feature offers tranquility and an eye-catching aesthetic.

6. Indoor meets outdoor

This is the perfect indoor/outdoor space that offers you the best of both worlds.

7. Chill out and take it easy

Need to relax, rest and unwind? This outdoor beanbag, side table and Zen pebble garden bed are great for those hot afternoons.

8. Stylish plant pots

To keep your garden neat and tidy, these planters highlight the flowers within and can be used as a wall or divider in your outdoor terrace.

9. Work on your lighting

This area takes lighting to the next level with its wonderful mood and airy yet warm ambience.

10. Beautiful bamboo

Bamboo is used widely in residential gardens, and requires next to no maintenance or care. Choose the bamboo variety Fargesia, which grows in clumps rather than proliferating.

11. A tiny Zen corner in your garden

If you only have a small garden, this Zen example is a great option that maximises space, while also imparting serenity.

12. How about a green wall

Green walls are great for compact spaces, but also look brilliant inside the home!

13. Embracing nature with stone planters

Original, unique and unusual, this stone planter would work excellently both inside and out, set on a small patio or a large terrace.

14. Stone cladding for style and pizzazz

To cover walls within your garden, composite stone can look chic, sleek and timeless.

15. Adding fire!

Fire doesn’t have to be used to warm up! In Singapore fire can be employed to look striking, effortlessly engaging and wonderfully interesting.

16. Luxurious cabana rooms

These exterior cabana lounges look unquestionably lavish, and would undoubtedly ensure you spend more time outside!

17. Cosy, characterful and charming

Pairing plants, fire and comfy furniture adds a cosy outdoor space that is age-defiant and sure to be utilised.

18. A unique layout with a practical function

This example utilises different materials to create a comfy and engaging outdoor space.

19. Working on the entrance to the garden

When designing your garden, don’t forget to work on the entrance as well. As this is the first thing guests will see when they visit, you should work to create an appealing, stylish and welcoming aesthetic.

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