8 decorating sins that you need to stop doing (right now!)


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8 decorating sins that you need to stop doing (right now!)

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
 臥室 by Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects, 現代風
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So you’re thinking of decorating your home, and want to make sure that you get everything just perfect. Well, in this Ideabook, we look at 8 decorating sins that you should be sure to sidestep during your next home makeover. It’s always a good idea to think about what features you would like in your home before beginning with a remodelling or décor upgrade. We’ve asked interior designers to help us with some simple tips and tricks to get our interiors looking amazing. These are décor blunders that you’ll definitely never make again, with the help of homify.

1. Hanging art too high

Problem: Your guests will be straining their necks to see the latest addition of art in your home, which has been hung just a few centimetres from the ceiling.

Solution: The ideal height for hanging pictures in the home is 1.4 metres from the floor, allowing the art to be at eye level, a much more comfortable height for your guests to gaze at in admiration. You can however adjust the artwork depending on its height too, opt for a higher placement if the piece is rather tall.

2. Artwork that's too small

現代  by Knots Rugs, 現代風
Knots Rugs

English Rose_Purple Haze

Knots Rugs

Problem: You were too focused on the colour of the art and didn’t think about the size and whether it would work in you spacious living room. It will look rather lost above your large sofa.

Solution: Choose larger art pieces, or consider a gallery wall with a few smaller pieces filling up the wall space.

3. Small rug

現代  by louis de poortere, 現代風 棉 Red
louis de poortere

The Mad Men Collection

louis de poortere

Problem: The rug in your living space shouldn’t be an afterthought, which is exactly what a small rug will look like in a spacious room, allowing the interior to be bare and unfinished.

Solution: A larger rug will take up more floor space, or opt for a layered effect by placing a complimenting big rug beneath the smaller one.

4. The furniture scale

Problem: Oversized furniture is great to make a statement in spacious rooms with great ceiling height, while delicate pieces could end up looking almost obscured by the décor and grandeur of large rooms.

Solution: Measure, measure, measure! This is essential before adding a new piece of furniture to any room in your house. Outline the area with some paper and table, and you will have some idea of whether the furniture will definitely fit.

5. Poor lighting

 走廊 & 玄關 by Will Eckersley, 古典風
Will Eckersley

Cheyne Gardens

Will Eckersley

Problem: So you have included lighting that doesn’t do much to create an attractive and stylish interior. Lighting is everything when it comes to décor, and poor lighting will make even the most stylish unfinished and unattractive.

Solution: Go for more than one source of light in a room, add elegant overhead lights for a perfectly illuminated space, while some smaller lamps will be an ideal choice for a cosy and romantic ambiance.

6. Colour and texture

Problem: Although the colour choice and tones included in a home are important, textures are also great to break the monotony of the space. Spending too much time on colour and none on texture, will make a room seem rather dull and flat.

Solution: Add a wooden table, exposed brick wall, or even a woven rug to create a stylish interior, ensure that you add two different textures to each room for an elegant and chic look.

7. More than enough matching

Problem: You may love the idea of keeping the décor of your home attractive by adding the exact same shade of beige, blue, or even grey to your décor… but this will be an uninteresting choice for décor.

Solution: Mix up neutral colours with an accent colour, opt for vintage pieces to add texture and character to a modern interior, and focus less on matching up items, instead opt for features that go with the rest of your décor, while standing out in their own right.

8. Comfortable furniture

 客廳 by LEIVARS, 現代風



Problem: You may like the look, colour or design of an item of furniture, but when you actually sit on it, the furniture is unbelievably uncomfortable and definitely not a worthwhile space to enjoy the company of friends and family.

Solution: Do not let the shape of your room dictate your furniture choice, opt for comfortable furniture that blends in with your décor, while keeping your home looking tidy too. So now that you know what decor mistakes not to make, here are 15 decor blunders your guests notice (but don't mention) you may already be guilty of making.

 房子 by Casas inHAUS, 現代風