8 Small and charming houses for your inspiration


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8 Small and charming houses for your inspiration

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
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Have you been thinking about ideas to make your small home more elegant and attractive? Well, in this Ideabook, we are visiting some inspirational small houses that are so full of charm that we cannot help but wonder if the inside matches the exterior architecture. These four small homes are individual in their sense of fantasy, while their attractive qualities are to die for too! Let’s take a closer look to be inspired, shall we?

1. A petite facade

This single storey home is prefab construction made from the highest quality materials. The home has a beautiful façade and a small yet welcoming entrance. The stone walls have an enchanting element, almost like a home from a children’s fairytale, but the detail of the windows is so amazing too.

2. The interior

The home has been perfectly planned not to waste any space, and while the ceilings are rather high, it creates the perception of space, a must have to not feel claustrophobic in a small house. The wooden roof gives the home a traditional character, while the solid wooden doors ensures that this home is made from the best materials.

3. The cottage

The architects of this tiny cottage may not have had much space to work with, but that doesn’t mean the space cannot be attractive from the exterior. The simple use of colour is friendly and welcoming, while the small garden adds a green loving atmosphere to this adorable house.

4. Chic kitchen

The kitchen of this stylish, little home is just as cute and attractive as the exterior. The layout of the kitchen cabinets is practical, with each corner taken into consideration. The simple tones of wood and durable countertops as well as modern appliances completes the look of this modern kitchen perfectly.

5. Mediterranean loving

This small home, with its simple lines and strict corners is a modern take on the Mediterranean style home. The large windows welcomes fresh air and natural light into the home, while the addition of gravel flooring is just a great idea too.

6. Minimalist kitchen

The kitchen has is abundant in natural light and chic, neutral colours. The minimalist features include a kitchen with no extra detail, such as door handles, making the environment effortless and attractive. This kitchen has a stylish, yet seamless effect, making it just perfect.

7. Classic and cosy

This façade has a strong personality. The rich red walls along with the white framed doors and windows has an old world effect that is charming and charismatic. The marble floors adds to the gorgeous space. Imagine just enjoying the sunset from the patio area outside your home and taking in the tranquillity of your surroundings.

8. French connection

This interior has a lovely French inspired style. The contrasting colours of red and navy blue, as well as the monochrome chairs makes this décor chic and comfortable, while the all-white walls and ceiling create the perfect setting for the gorgeous French doors. It’s a home with garden views, and there’s no other way to enjoy the simple things, is there? These small home are definitely an awesome inspiration Your own house in the blink of an eye—6 amazing, small prefabricated houses, is another great read!

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