12 Ideas to make a Great Entrance to your House


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12 Ideas to make a Great Entrance to your House

Ruqaiyya Hussain Ruqaiyya Hussain
Projects 根據 Clifford Interiors
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You get one chance to make the first impression and the same saying applies to your home as well. Does not matter whether you own a small house or large one, the entry can set up and tune in the full house experience. Decoration is the vehicle of expressions and thus, you must use it rightly. 

So picture your entry as one of the first new notes of a song or the starting lines of the poem. Ensure that it is going to leave a long lasting impression on the guests. Make statements that will entice the guests and welcome your loved ones the way you wanted. Here are 12 designer ways that teach you how to say, ’Come on in and make yourself at home.

1. Casual is Good

Entrance Area 現代風玄關、走廊與階梯 根據 Shape Interiors 現代風
Shape Interiors

Entrance Area

Shape Interiors

Make sure that your house urges your guests to come in and remove their hats or shows. Put them to ease by creating an informal environment with well and easy to use furniture. A wooden bench or a shelf to store keys are just a few of the things that we all will need. You can install a row of hooks for coats and other materials.

2. Traditional Style works

Interior design 現代風玄關、走廊與階梯 根據 Eternity Designers 現代風
Eternity Designers

Interior design

Eternity Designers

Stick to the old, simple and pretty traditional style. It might be all you need. Three paintings and beautiful lights are pretty enough to look at but not too fussy to intimidate. Consider hanging a grouping of prints in a pyramid formation to draw the eye up.

3. Place a chair

We all have grandparents and older parents visiting us at some point of time. For them, make your entrance a heaven after travelling by placing a sofa or chair near the door. It will help them to relax while they remove thier shoes or coat and then proceed further.

4. Hang a Mirror

Entrance 現代風玄關、走廊與階梯 根據 Perfect Stays 現代風

Not to volumize the area only but also to make a last minute hair and make-up check as you or anyone else run out to the door. For narrow entrance, reflecting mirror create an impression of more light.

5. Define the space

If your entryway opens into a large room or hallway, you better define it. Create a dedicated area with cabinets, screen or bookcases. Open shelves are also a good idea for placing pictures, photo, accessories etc.

6. Splurge on Living Plant Arrangement

現代風玄關、走廊與階梯 根據 homify 現代風 大理石

Potted plants, orchids or any other flowering plant that can stay long time within homes can be placed. You can use cactus as well. They can really make a welcoming statement with color and scale.

7. Three piece entrance

House in Chandlers Ford II 現代風玄關、走廊與階梯 根據 LA Hally Architect 現代風
LA Hally Architect

House in Chandlers Ford II

LA Hally Architect

The favorite three piece entry for any home is a perfectly scaled console, fabulous rug and great lighting. Nothing warms up the entrance like a rug. Go bold and use the best lights to control the illumination during day and nights.

8. Display your collection

Showcase your plants, art paintings or collection of pottery near the entrance to show your guests you special area of interest.

9. Narrow Space Tricks

If your house a narrow space entrance then use wall mounted paintings in striking color or a bench on front with vibrant shade to trick the eyes to see into larger space rather than feeling congested. This one will help you.

10. Make a color statement

Bold colors in small parts can be shocking and fun but you can always go for simple and sober shades. It is much easier to find matching rugs and consoles for such shades.

11. Utility for yourself

現代  by de-cube, 現代風

An entrance is not just to impress others but also an area of use for your own. Therefore, put emphasis on your requirements as well. Place hooks, hangers, and shoe racks to keep them handy, clean and clutter free. You can also install a key holder within the racks to secure your keys.

12. Place a table in the middle

Entrance Hall In an Italian Villa 根據 Clifford Interiors
Clifford Interiors

Entrance Hall In an Italian Villa

Clifford Interiors

This works for tables of all sizes and shape- round, square, rectangle or others. The entry is always a great pick to showcase your antique tables that are too precious to be used daily for meals but ideal for decor purpose.

Hope you enjoyed reading. For more home decoration pictures, head over here.

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