​14 things that your guests simply hate


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​14 things that your guests simply hate

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
 客廳 by homify, 現代風
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It’s true that we want our homes to be as inviting and comfortable as possible, but not only for ourselves. Friends, family, colleagues – when they set foot in our homes, whether they’re visiting for a few hours or staying for a few days, we want their time there to be relaxing, fun, and an experience they will remember with fondness.

So, that means a few activities on your side to ensure a comfortable and hassle-free stay for them – and we are not talking about refilling their wineglasses (although that is important, too). Sometimes we tend to overlook a few details in our homes, simply because we can’t look at it from a visitor’s perspective; a fresh eye, if you will.

But not to worry, for today we reveal no less than 14 things you need to take care off to ensure a trouble-free visit for your guests.

1. Not knowing where the bathroom is

 浴室 by Grand Design London Ltd, 古典風
Grand Design London Ltd

The Broadway, SW19 – Extension & Bathroom Renovation

Grand Design London Ltd

A good host always informs his new guests on the location of the bathroom. Because it can be quite embarrassing for some to ask where to find the toilet, please spare them a red-face moment.

2. A doorbell that doesn’t work

 房子 by MWE Architects, 現代風
MWE Architects

Riggsacre, Corbridge

MWE Architects

You never ring your own doorbell, do you? So unless you just had a visitor test it out for you, you can’t be 100% sure if it’s working or not, can you? 

Make sure that chime is nice and strong before inviting anybody over – and if it doesn’t work, please ensure to inform them beforehand.

3. Not having a storing place for shoes

 走廊 & 玄關 by Specht Architects, 現代風
Specht Architects

Manhattan Micro-Loft

Specht Architects

If your house has a no-shoes policy, then you had better provide a spot for guests to leave their shoes when entering your abode. Whether it’s a basket in the entryway or a closet in the hallway, make sure guests know where to leave their shoes – and where they can find them again when departing.

4. Not being able to find the toiletries

 浴室 by Celia Sawyer Luxury Interiors, 現代風
Celia Sawyer Luxury Interiors

Fairways at the Bishops Avenue

Celia Sawyer Luxury Interiors

Nobody wants to go rummaging through their host’s bathroom cabinets looking for toilet paper, hand soap, or whatnot. Make sure to put these on display.

5. An inaccessible closet

 臥室 by Will Eckersley, 簡約風
Will Eckersley

Darnley Road

Will Eckersley

If you’re having a visitor that’s staying over for a few days, make sure to have some closet space for their clothing. Living out of a suitcase is not fun for anybody.

6. Confusing cutlery

Don’t display your wide collection of cutlery at the dinner table. Keep things simple and stick to the basics. So what if you use the same fork for your salad and main course?

7. Too many things on display

 餐廳 by homify, 現代風

Your home is unique because all the items in it have been carefully chosen by you. But don’t intimidate your guests with an overload of keepsakes.

Keep your items on display, but don't overdo it for the purpose of showing off.

8. An off-limits kitchen

 餐廳 by Oakman, 現代風

Rear Extension


If you’re still finalising the finishing touches on dinner in the kitchen, allow your guests to keep you company instead of leaving them all alone in the living room. Pour them a drink, show them where to find a comfy seat, and let the chatting begin!

9. A space that is too hot or too cold

 客廳 by homify, 現代風

If it’s cold, don’t leave a window or door open. And if summer reaches record-high degrees, switch the air-con on, but don’t let your guests freeze to death. The ideal room temperature is usually the same for everyone, so strive for a comfortable indoor feeling.

10. Uncomfortable seating

 客廳 by A1 Lofts and Extensions, 簡約風
A1 Lofts and Extensions

Richmond Full House Refurbishment

A1 Lofts and Extensions

If you have a variety of seats at your disposal, offer the most comfortable ones to your elderly guests or the ones with specific needs, such as a sensitive back or so. 

Interior designers, electricians and much more – we have them all here on homify. See our professionals page for more info.

11. Uncomfortable questions

 客廳 by House Envy, 北歐風
House Envy

Bloominville Storage Unit

House Envy

Don’t ask your guests what they think of your taste in art, music, or any other element in your home. Personal taste differs from person to person, sometimes drastically, so rather avoid an uncomfortable situation.

12. Too much noise

If you opt for music in the background, create a diverse playlist that will fit the occasion (i.e. dinner party, game night, informal get together). Make sure to keep the music at a reasonable volume so that people can hear each other.

13. A very messy space

 牆面 by homify, 北歐風

Lily Pond


If you really need to show your guests your bedroom, then make sure the bed is made and that no underwear are lying around. 

It is your utmost right to relax in your private spaces, but keep things off the floor or at least out of sight when the guests are over.

14. No place to unwind

 庭院 by Gullaksen Architects, 地中海風
Gullaksen Architects

Moroccan style garden

Gullaksen Architects

After the dinner party’s over, it’s time for some unwinding. This is when your guests will expect a cosy seating spot away from the dinner table, either back in the living room or on your terrace. 

Make sure this space is clean and comfortable, as it will be the last impression they have of your home before going back to theirs. 

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 房子 by Casas inHAUS, 現代風