9 chic Asian living rooms you're bound to love


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9 chic Asian living rooms you're bound to love

April Kennedy April Kennedy
根據 ANSANA 熱帶風
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If you love the look and feel of all things Asian when it comes to living room decor, but can't decide on your favourite style, that is perfectly understandable! Asian interiors have emerged from such dazzlingly complex histories and cultures that it is impossible to choose just one look. At the same time, there is something special that defines an Asian-style interior, whether it's contemporary or traditional. Some say it's a tendency towards minimalism, or just the presence of naturally inspired motifs. We won't hazard a guess – instead we'll present 9 of the most chic and style Asian living rooms we've seen!

1. Slick Singaporean sophistication

This apartment is situated in the heart of Singapore and has a sophisticated pale colour scheme. It might be a hotel room in any other big cosmopolitan city except that the architects have taken advantage of the bright profusion light and created a breezy, open ambience with little bursts of nature. Singapore is, after all, the garden city of Asia.

2. Edgy modern Asian living room

根據 homify 簡約風 大理石

It is unusual to see sharp triangular shapes in a living room decor. But it certainly creates an edgy modern look in this Mumbai apartment. Indian interiors often have lots of dark wood on display. Of course, it's common to see lots of vibrant colours and drama too!

3. Sedate and elegent

根據 ANSANA 熱帶風

No article on Asian interiors would be complete without a tropical style home. This home is situated in Singapore and although it has a restrained elegance, there are definite hints of tropical luxury. Have a look at the glass wall here covered by a sheer curtain.

4. Simple Zen-inspired living

Japanese interiors are known for their simplicity and cosy warmth. This little living room has the bare minimum of furniture and a soft, earthy colour palette. Note how both the ceiling and floor are made from wood. The narrow panel windows are a contemporary touch too.

5. Light and luxurious

This apartment has a European-style flair so it's no surprise that it's located in the international hub that is Hong Kong. The big floor cushions are one of the few hints that this home is located in Asia.

6. Ultimately earthy

Many Asian interiors do not traditionally have the same separation of space you typically see in modern Western-style homes. Separating partitions and platforms are often used in Asian living rooms. Have a look at this living room, it has multiple floor levels and a loosely constructed wooden partition around the fireplace.

7. Modern and sexy

It would be misleading to harp on the more traditional aspects of many Asian interiors. This modern and slightly sexy living room is located in Taiwan. It has low seating, chunky architectural features and a totally sophisticated feel.

8. Bold black lines

Big bold black columns are often seen in Japanese and Chinese architecture. In south-east Asian architecture, we also have a very fluid connection between the internal and external living areas. This living room combines all the best of both styles.

9. Relaxing

根據 homify 日式風、東方風

This living room has a beautifully low-key relaxing look. The furniture is set low to the ground, there are lots of cushions, houseplants and some traditionally decorated features. We love the designs on the wooden sliding doors.

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現代房屋設計點子、靈感 & 圖片 根據 Casas inHAUS 現代風