Home Story: The Magic Of Minimalism


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Home Story: The Magic Of Minimalism

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根據 Marcus Hofbauer Architekt 現代風
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When we think about a minimalist style of architecture our first reaction would likely be that a minimalist home – i.e., simple and functional – surely cannot be comfortable and stylish! We will learn today that such a reaction is groundless, as has been ably demonstrated by German architect Marcus Hofbauer in the project below. Located in the historical city of Mainz, the level of elegance and comfort that has been achieved in this minimalist beauty will take you by surprise! Let’s explore!

​An Intriguing Façade

The monochromatic colour scheme of the main building teams with simple, neat lines in an elegant façade. The long, narrow windows look intriguing and the brown wood at the entrance is quite unexpected!

​Around The Back

The large window and sliding glass doors at the back of the house harmonize beautifully with the white expanse for a stylish effect, and also indicate that there will be plenty of natural light within. The glass doors integrate the interiors with the patio and the steps leading to the garden.

​Comfortable Living Area

The trendy white décor of the living area is warmed by a wooden floor and wooden panels to create a subtle and sophisticated minimalist ambience. The comfortable sofa and sleek white coffee table are well-lit thanks to the open glass sliding doors that bring in the outdoors. The lush tree outside beautifully accessorizes the living room décor.

​Spacious And Functional Kitchen

This spacious, modern white kitchen is fitted with the trendiest of appliances. The large kitchen island has ample space for the entire family to lend a hand with the chopping and roasting. The sleek handle-less cabinets epitomize minimalism with style!

​Vibrant Notes In The Dining Area

The dining area extends from the kitchen to form a cozy space. We love the colourful chairs, striking such a lively note against the whites and browns! The light hanging from the ceiling is trendy and elegant while the large window provides a flood of natural light.

​The Wooden Staircase

The severity of the stark white walls is softened by a natural wooden staircase. The ensemble is so attractive that no embellishment is needed!

​Monochromatic Magic

The white walls, black tiles and white bathtub have been combined perfectly to form a simple yet trendy and stylish bathing area. The little black statuette is a cute touch!

​Luxuriate In The Sauna

As with the façade’s entrance, we get a surprise on seeing natural wood next to monochrome in the bathroom décor! It is, however, an ideal look for the sauna which is comfortable and relaxing.

Marcus Hofbauer has created a contemporary and stylish home that is a statement in minimalism – but with a twist! The neat lines, the play of neutral colours and the sheer functionality of this elegant abode are an inspiration! Did you like this home tour? Take a look at another awe-inspiring house - A Lavish and Futuristic House in Pune!

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