10 photos to help rethink your corner bath and shower


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10 photos to help rethink your corner bath and shower

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There was a time when corner baths were at the cutting edge of bathroom design and as quickly as they came into fashion, they flew back out. However, we're keen to bring corner set ups back into style and think we've found some great reasons why they should be! 

Bathroom designers can tell you that a corner bath or shower makes perfect sense when you want to get the most out of your space but, more than that, with a modern twist they can also look incredible and offer fabulous style. 

Don't believe us? Well, prepare to eat those doubting words as you're going to seriously consider a corner bath or shower for your bathroom after reading this article!

1. You don't have to have a built-in bath

Newsflash! A corner bath can be a freestanding affair, just angled to nestle far more into the corner.

2. You can easily add stylish accessories

This toiletries plinth is absolutely perfect for next to a corner bath and will work wonders to cheer it up whilst also adding some really elegant, practical storage. 

3. Corner set-ups are excellent for small spaces

If you have a corner in your bathroom that feels too small to do much with, you might be able to install a small bath or shower unit and make it a far more usable spot.

4. Corners work with modern or traditional designs

If you like a built-in tub or a freestanding option, a corner will work well for either! Just make sure that whatever you stand your unit on – whether feet or a plinth – is secure and fits perfectly in the space.

5. You can jazz up a corner shower really easily

To make a corner shower unit have a little more pizzazz you can simply and easily swap out the existing screen for something more interesting and unusual. 

You can, of course, leave it simple and understated if you prefer your shower a little more discreet.

6. Corner units make for an organised room

 浴室 by Lineabeta, 隨意取材風



When you need to make the most of your bathroom space and keep things organised, a corner bath or shower is your best bet. 

You can dictate the room with one and add built-in units next to them to keep the rest of the room free and clear of clutter!

7. Corner showers allow for a contained colour pop

If you're keeping the colour scheme in your bathroom fairly neutral but fancy a little vibrant colour pop, a great way to do this is by tiling or painting the walls of a corner shower. 

The bright hue is contained but impactful!

8. You can get really creative with a corner!

If you can fit it in, it can happen, so don't feel like you have to be boring when it comes to installing a bath or shower in a corner.

We rather love the idea of this square tub that feels like a sunken bath thanks to its tall design.

9. Lighting can be targeted for specific corners

Don't you just love the idea of having some area specific bathroom lighting? So, you're also drenched in your favourite colour as you shower. Or, imitation sunlight pours over you while you bathe.

10. Corners are a good excuse for a little texture

If you're keen to make as much of a feature as a corner bath or shower as possible, you can go to town with textural experiments.

Natural stone tiles are fantastic for this and we do appreciate the boldness of a dark colour!

Fore more bathroom inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 8 Steps To Your Dream Bathroom!

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