Smart modern design: A tiny yet brilliant home

April Kennedy April Kennedy
GRAU.ZERO Arquitectura 房子
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Tired of looking at huge luxurious homes that make your abode seem a little too humble and small? Well, we've got just the project for you! Today we will explore an extremely narrow home in Portugal, packed with simple small home solutions. It runs over two levels and has no side windows because it's wedged between two other homes. The best part about this project is that it also has an undeniable dash of luxury. It's located in Portugal and comes to us courtesy of Portuguese architects Grau Zero. Let's go on a photo tour for all the details…

Simplified interior

This angle shows us the broadest view of the home. We suspect it's been shot with a wide angle lens so it looks a little wider than it actually is. The architects have wisely kept the architectural elements very simple to avoid that claustrophobic feeling so common in small homes. Instead, the focus is on the quality of the materials. Golden wood tones infuse the simple interior with a simple warmth and sense of luxury. Also, note how there's no need for a banister in a stair design like this.

Narrow living room

The combined kitchen/living room and dining room is extremely narrow. But with some clever interior architecture and design, each zone is very carefully separated. The single-line kitchen is recessed within the wall, the dining area has a lovely timber feature wall and the living area is bounded by the bright yellow rug.

Marble kitchen

In a small home it often pays to use the wall and floor materials to create a style statement. Here in this super small kitchen, the lavish white marble covers the tiny strip of floor and runs all the way from the countertop up the wall. The spidery thin lines in the stone add some interest to the decor and, of course, that all important luxurious touch. A small home certainly doesn't need to be small in style.

Shower room

The architects have saved a whole lot of space by installing a tiny toilet and building a transparent glass shower room directly into each of the two bedrooms. Keen eyed readers might notice that there is also a simple white curtain for privacy too. Note how the outer wall of the shower is made with frosted glass. It allows some light to enter the room. We'll get a better view of a similar design in the second bedroom next…

Private courtyard

In a narrow home with no side windows things can get very dark! So here the bedroom has been made smaller so a little inner courtyard can be created. The home is situated on the uppermost floor of the building, so this creates a sort of roof light in the home. We love how it's been turned into a little private courtyard. Don't forget to look at that space on the left. It's another shower room!

Small and sweet bathroom design

A tiny bathroom can be stylish. All you need is a perfectly fit vanity. In a really small bathroom the details take on a lot more power too. Note the lovely narrow white tiles here. They run up the wall in a vertical design that really highlights the height, not the width of the room.

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