Gardening: 14 of the best (and worst) investments for a gorgeous garden

Sarah Tolle – Homify Canada Sarah Tolle – Homify Canada 花園植物與花
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There are plenty of guides that list off the items you should incorporate into your garden from an aesthetic or sensory point of view, but this idea book focuses on the things that you should – and shouldn't – add to your garden, from a financial point of view. Some things seem like a good idea at first glance, but as time goes on, you'll discover that the outdoors has a way of naturally revealing the items that were a poor investment – they'll wear out, crack, fade, and so on.

homify has asked the community of landscapers and gardeners about the best and worst garden investments in order to compile this handy guide – before you start thinking about birdbaths and bushes, take a look at these fundamental garden components you should pursue and avoid.

​1. Best

Attractive paved surfaces, such as these platforms, which help to create a multi-purpose and long-lasting garden area.

2. Worst

Expensive exotic plants that need a lot of care, attention, and special supplements will end up incurring hefty costs each and every year that you maintain them. 

​3. Best

Ensuring privacy in the garden is essential for many homeowners – you do not need to forego style and good taste, if you invest in a well-designed, high-quality fence. Footing the bill for proper installation and foundation is definitely worth the investment over the years.

4. Worst

Using the power supply to provide extra lighting in the garden is a huge mistake when there are so many fantastic options using the naturally available solar energy.  This requires extra upfront cost, but will cost you less as an investment in the long run. And who doesn't want live eco-friendly?

​5. Best

Structural plants, such as densely growing shrubs that cover the earth, are a fantastic way to make sure that the garden looks mature and healthy with minimal maintenance (much less maintenance than grass, for example).

6. Worst

Difficult-to-install water features may look great when they are running, but costs associated with ongoing problems and maintenance can often rack up over time. Leave the rushing rivers to nature.

7. Best

Plants and evergreen trees will help us keep the garden lush and vibrant throughout the year. By the way, a gorgeous plan to make your neighbours jealous…

8. Worst

Seeds always seem like a great idea for starting your garden, but if you're new to the gardening game, it's worth it to buy a few plants that are already growing instead. Save yourself the disappointment later on.

​9. Best

Areas offering shelter in the garden are fantastic for creating usable space, regardless of the season or weather. Who doesn't want to enjoy lunch or tea in the fresh air every now and then?

10. Worst

Commercial pesticides can be cheap to buy, but they have a costly impact on the environment – the plants and animals who share your outdoor space. Invest in more environmentally friendly ways to combat pests, and everyone reaps the benefits.

11. Best

Romana wood fired oven La Hacienda 花園火坑與燒烤
La Hacienda

Romana wood fired oven

La Hacienda

A high-quality, reliable grill never goes out of fashion. No need to go crazy and buy a completely mobile kitchen powered by gas – simply opt for a durable, classic model, and the investment will pay for itself within the summer!

12. Worst

Mass-produced garden decorations and ornaments never quite add the style or class that could bring your garden to the next level. Spend time creating your own unique decor, or searching at art fairs and festivals for something handcrafted and unique, liek this eclectic garden.

13. Best

If you want to make your garden look great all the time, the best investment you can make is to hire a professional gardener. With this solution, any stress involved with up keeping a garden will be lifted from your shoulders!

14. Worst

Expensive furniture design for interiors (ornate vintage pieces, sturdy sofas, etc) can look very elegant for a time, but after a time, any pieces that aren't waterproofed will begin to get moldy or cracked. Money down the drain! Invest in waterproof deck chairs like these.

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