22 outstanding examples of entrances and corridors


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22 outstanding examples of entrances and corridors

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
 走廊 & 玄關 by Tarimas de Autor, 現代風
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The entrance and corridor of your home should always be elegant and attractive. In this homify feature, we consulted our interior designers for 22 amazing tips and tricks to ensure that your home interior is always welcoming, cosy and attractive. So whether you’re in need of some fantastic illumination ideas or even just simple details to create a more inviting appearance, we’ve got your covered!

1. The corridor leads the way to the living area and the privacy of the bedroom is enhanced by the curved wall.

2. Create a chic entrance with some bespoke space-saving shelving and a wonderful mirror.

3. Dark wooden stairs and all-white shelving is an excellent contrasting décor.

These stairs are just an awesome decor choice.

4. Simple sliding doors separate the kitchen from the corridor.

5. The illuminated corridor with an elegant neutral colour scheme is a great combination.

6. The false ceiling and lighting panels enhances space in this long yet narrow corridor.

7. The mini hall-library demarcates the living and sleeping areas of the home.

8. Frames and ground photographs create an interesting design.

9. Keep your entrance uncluttered with this smart coat rack and storage cupboard.

10. Make your modern entrance classic with some LED lighting.

11. Eclectic antique furniture, mirrors and plants are a fantastic vintage inspiration.

12. For a minimalist entrance go with hidden furniture to store essentials.

13. A mini-library is the perfect choice for a modern entrance.

14. Keep your entrance eye-catching and interesting with clean lines and neat décor.

15. Enhance your modern home with close modular shelves.

16. Don’t forget to update the corridor of the wooden attic with some white walls.

17. Store the library collection in your hallway.

18. Opt for intelligent hall lighting.

19. Create storage niches in that long and narrow for a bookcase and photos.

20. Custom-made shelves for your entrance utilises all the space perfectly.

21. Separate the corridor from the bathroom with a gorgeous vintage glass door.

22. Keep your entrance simple and modern with DIY storage units.

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 房子 by Casas inHAUS, 現代風