​Children’s rooms for two


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​Children’s rooms for two

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Many adults have fond memories of sharing a bedroom with a sibling when they were a child. Secret late-night chats, staying up past lights-out and tormenting each other with ghost stories… in a lot of cases, there were enough compensations for the lack of privacy that the lack of space in the family home actually turned into a positive. However, for each person who remembers the room-sharing experiences of their youth nostalgically, there’s bound to be someone who didn’t have such a great time; who acutely felt the strain of never being alone, or didn’t appreciate having no space to truly call theirs and theirs only. If your kids are room sharers, getting the environment right is one way to help ensure they’ll enjoy their living situation rather than resenting it. This is easier said than done; kids often tend to be fickle, and pleasing two is naturally twice as hard as pleasing one. The challenge, and it's a tough one, is to create a room so good neither of them can complain.

​Seeing stars

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This beautiful room gains much of its charm from its simple black, gold and white colour scheme. The fact it is filled with interesting odds and ends helps too. It’s a room that is undoubtedly intended for children, but it is far from childish, in the sense that it contains no bright, clashing colours or grinning cartoon characters. Nonetheless, there are enough sweet embellishments here to make most children feel more than at home. The numbers and letters on the wall are a cute addition. If your children seem to feel that their shared room is not their own, letting them personalise it by adding their own names or words they like to the wall in this manner is a good way to help give them a sense of possession.

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Unconventional furniture, especially unconventional furniture that swings, rocks or otherwise moves in an unexpected fashion, is a magnet for kids. Watch them fall in love with this fun chair.

​Anchors away

Incorporating your children’s favourite games into the design of their room can encourage them to play more creatively, and to play together more. It’s likely that the children who sleep in this room spend a lot of time sailing their imaginary seven seas, chatting to their imaginary parrots and hunting for their imaginary buried treasure.

​A secret passage

This photo shows a miniature door and slide that lead from the bedroom through to the playroom, but this idea would work equally well if it were to be implemented between rooms. It offers a way for children to share a bedroom without really sharing, and to pass between each other’s rooms in a fun and unusual way that will make them feel a little bit special since parents are too big to easily fit through.

​Grown-up bunk beds

Bunk Bedroom for young teenage girls 根據 Meltons 古典風

Bunk Bedroom for young teenage girls


For kids who are embarking on their teenage years but still need to share due to space issues, replacing their juvenile, brightly coloured bunk bed with a more understated, adult version like the one seen here will help to prevent them feeling that they’re trapped in their childhoods.

​Seeing double

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Put an end to arguments over who gets which bunk once and for by installing a separate mezzanine bed for each child. They definitely can’t complain about that – after all, it just means even more space for toys.

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