15 Beautiful and green ideas for your terrace


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15 Beautiful and green ideas for your terrace

 庭院 by PATXI CASTRO, 隨意取材風
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In today’s world, the sprawling bungalows with huge courtyard and garden with large collection of plants and beautifully manicured grass in it have become a dream. It has been replaced by small bungalows, row houses or the vertical standing flats. Yet the deep desire to have our own personal green space within that limited space still exists. Isn’t it? We evolve and learn to live with whatever we have. Big or small, it hardly matters. What matters is to create what you wish for!

 A boring terrace or courtyard can be artistically transformed into a beautiful space for your morning cup of tea or relaxed evening. You just need to know how to play with stones, wood, concrete floor and greenery. Take cues from the professional designers of homify and get inspired.

Pristine White with Modern Grey

The classic combination of grey floor with white stones, white pots and curiously designed white sitting arrangements, creativity flows in this courtyard with wind. Even the selection of plants in the pot is perfect and pure.

A Cool Space of Cane and Stone

Cane and bamboo fencing statically placed stone slabs, white pebbles, a pair of comfortable chairs with white cushions, a coffee table with pull-over chairs and green surrounding blending in it; the color coordination of this courtyard immediately grabs the attention and soothes the nerves.

A Modern Courtyard of Stone and Wood

The courtyard made of stone and wood compliments the open brick wall of the house. Neatly laid out wooden floor, a wooden railing, pebbles on the space beyond the wooden flooring gives the rugged look and beautifies the courtyard. A simple coffee table with comfortable chairs, a recliner, a bench and a few green and flowering plants adorns the courtyard.

A Pool in the Courtyard

 庭院 by homify, 北歐風

A small pool, the sand, white pebbles scattered around, a pathway carved from stone slabs, pool chairs, a hammock, a small tent house in the corner, stone slab elevated to make room for some extra guest, a dog house, a tree decorated with hanging lights and a holiday. The family will love you for this!

Simplicity for Comfort

Concrete floor, an elegant coffee table with comfortable chairs, and greenery along the wall, sometimes less is more and simplicity says it all. This is a perfect place to relax in winter sun. 

If Green is your Favorite Color

A private space created by using the green climbers covering the walls, green and flowering plants of all size and a simple bench to sit and enjoy it. I love the small marble jharokha peeping through the greens and the patterned stone flooring. Won’t it be bliss to have this green space of your own in the busy city life?

Playing with Colors

 庭院 by Earth Designs, 現代風
Earth Designs

Party garden in Sevenoaks, Kent

Earth Designs

Two different style and color of flooring tiles, bamboo fences and knitted  cane sofas, an ordinary courtyard looking courtyard is made special by the splash of mauve color large pots and a similar color flowering plants planted along the wall.

Modern Furniture and Contrasting Background

Rugged pebble flooring bright orange color wall with contrasting green climbers creeping through it, lots of plants all around and a modern sofa set with stylish coffee table. The beauty of this courtyard is in the contrast.

Unity in Diversity

A lot is going on here. A two color patterned pathway, white stone covering the rest of the space, plants scattered here and there, pots with plants on the protrusion on the white walls, a large palm tree and vintage design lampshade. Yet everything coordinated. All you need is a few comfortable garden chairs to relax.

Neat and Clean

 庭院 by Decorum . London, 古典風 塑木複合材料
Decorum . London

Garden design and build courtyard, Bicester, Oxfordshire

Decorum . London

There is nothing fancy here. Clean floor, simple sitting arrangements, concrete  boxes for plants and just two pots, the beauty of this courtyard is it’s clutter-free simple look.

A Hidden Space waiting to be explored

 庭院 by Earth Designs, 現代風
Earth Designs

Party garden in Sevenoaks, Kent

Earth Designs

Wooden pathway different sizes of stones demarcating the area, wooden panel and a green plants making it vibrant, this small private courtyard is a perfect hiding place from the hustle of life.

A Romantic Getaway

Stone slab flooring, leisurely spread of greenery, large terracotta pots, wooden furniture and a pair of candle stand on a beautiful wooden table, this is a perfect romantic getaway for a much in love couple.

Earthy and Natural

 露臺 by Eurekaa, 現代風

Weaved mats, basket shape table, simple cane chairs, wooden floor and plants all around, this earthy and natural courtyard can be carved out of small space too.

Garden of Rock

Various sizes, shapes and structure of stones as pebbles, slabs or just in a raw form, a stone house standing tall and aesthetically planted green and colorful plants makes this garden of rocks a perfect place to meditate.

All Wooden and a Single Plant

Everything is in wood here, wooden floor, wooden wall, and wooden seating. A single green plant standing tall in the middle and lots of natural lights from above is making this simple terrace quite special.

Hope the images have inspired you enough. But if you need more inspiration, click here.

 房子 by Casas inHAUS, 現代風