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45 practical kitchen cabinets to copy – to make your home more practical

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So you’re looking for some awesome and exciting ideas to add an interesting effect to your modern kitchen? Well, in this jam-packed homify feature there are 45 fantastic kitchen cabinet ideas to suit your cooking space, whether it’s rustic and authentic in style or something more modern and minimalist. Perhaps your kitchen is small and compact, part of an open plan living space and in need of some stunning storage, or already spacious and perfectly planned, we’ve included ideas to inspire you with décor tips and tricks from expert interior designers.

An ideal kitchen needs to be clean, cosy and uncluttered, while being practical and functional too. So carefully consider a colour scheme, décor and appliances and well as the best layout to get the most of your kitchen storage before you begin. The cabinets house everything from crockery, cutlery, appliances, groceries and even extra items that you may not have space for in your home, which is why built-n cupboards are the best choice for your kitchen.

Although the traditional colour scheme of a kitchen includes white and a more neutral colour palette, more and more homeowners are opting for their favourite vibrant shade as the colour choice for their cooking area, so why not go for a stunning red or striking blue for those cabinets and create something unique and quirky. There’s no reason why your colour choice needs to be the standard options seen in the catalogue, bespoke cupboards that are a reflection of your personality, may just become the ideal option for a modern home. Or if you don’t consider yourself daring enough for a dramatic colour, then accent colours are a popular style alternative for a sophisticated and contemporary kitchen.

1. Neutral colours create an impression of a more spacious kitchen, use the same tone for the kitchen table and include small appliances in shelves.

2. Install a built-in oven under the countertop that houses the sink. This will free up cabinets as storage space.

3. Create a corner cabinet to use as coffee station and storage for those extra appliances.

4. Pastel shades add a tranquil touch to the kitchen.

5. Utilize the cabinet under the sink properly with shelves and you’ll be able to store more utensils.

6. Minimalist style door handles prevent accidents.

7. Maximise your grocery closet with extra drawers and shelves.

Orford | A classic country kitchen with coastal inspiration Davonport 廚房 木頭

Orford | A classic country kitchen with coastal inspiration


8. Go for peeled cabinet doors and include some traditional features in your kitchen.

9. Wooden doors framed by white concrete walls and a white wooden ceiling is just so rustic and attractive too.

10. Go for a striking colour scheme and modern ceramic tiles for a simple yet interesting design.

​ 11. Match different shades of the same colour for an elegant effect.

12. Include classic cabinets in a modern kitchen and store recipe books and mementos on the kitchen island.

Shaker kitchen by Harvey Jones Harvey Jones Kitchens 廚房
Harvey Jones Kitchens

Shaker kitchen by Harvey Jones

Harvey Jones Kitchens

13. White doors add a traditional take for a simple and clean kitchen décor.

14. Stainless steel cabinets are a trendy and stylish industrial design solution that will withstand the test of time.

15. Designate space for the appliances in the kitchen.

16. Mix black and white for cupboards for a modern décor solution.

17. Include illumination beneath the cabinets and your space will be radiant.

18. Make the most of compact space with cabinets that fit your open plan living situation.

19. incorporate vibrant accent colours to your décor to define space.

20. Wood is a wonderful décor choice that is elegant too.

21. A cabinet with drawers and shelves of different sizes allows you to store various objects.

22. Cabinets enhance the vintage flair of a kitchen, opt for reddish tones and rustic walls for a stylish feature.

23. Neutral cabinets with a vibrant orange feature adds a charming detail.

24. Smooth surfaces are a great idea for a minimalist and immaculate looking kitchen.

25. Create niches and store utensils and appliances while ensuring they are part of the décor.

26. Modern materials such as glass, artificial stone and Formica give cabinets a futuristic look, while being easy to clean.

27. Installing lights inside the cabinet makes it easy to find objects.

28. Including cabinets without knobs ensures that the kitchen looks even cleaner.

Devies Cook Company Txell Alarcon 廚房照明
Txell Alarcon

Devies Cook Company

Txell Alarcon

29. Go for many shelves in the largest cupboard and organise your extra items perfectly.

Bespoke oak larder homify 廚房

Bespoke oak larder


30. Incorporate old-fashioned pieces into a modern space for that vintage and charming look.

​ 31. Opt for custom-made storage for spices, food and appliances.

Hillcrest De Rosee Sa 廚房儲櫃
De Rosee Sa


De Rosee Sa

32. Cabinets with doors of the same color as the walls create the feeling that the kitchen is wider.

33. Cooking islands can be used to store utensils, while also being extra space for meal prep.

34. Closed cupboards and shelves will keep the kitchen tidier and clutter-free.

35. These doors have a cheeky personality, while the holes allows you to open the doors and drawers too.

​ 36. The colour scheme and décor of the cabinets featured in this kitchen is elegant.

37. The informal dining area adds a social aspect to this kitchen décor.

38. Decorated crockery can be displayed on custom furniture.

39. Integrating the oven as part of the decor in a built-in cabinet creates a practical and modern look.

40. Covering an entire wall with cabinets makes compact kitchens seem larger, especially when furniture has neutral a tone.

41. Retro-style wood cabinets add some charm when painted with vivid and fun colours.

42. Using neutral cabinets allows you to dare a little more with the kitchen wall decor.

43. This modern and organic kitchen is the ultimate for a relaxing atmosphere.

44. Opt for a vibrant ambiance with a vivacious ceiling and cabinet detail.

45. Make your lighting impressive and enhance the volume of your space.

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