A beautiful family home perched on the edge of nature


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A beautiful family home perched on the edge of nature

Sarah Rose Anderson Sarah Rose Anderson
 客廳 by Bermüller + Hauner Architekturwerkstatt,
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This family house from the 1970s sits on the edge of a nature reserve in southern Germany. Today it has a modern look with its characteristic oversized windows that bring in light. All around the home, warm wood accents pair with resplendent white walls to create a chic Scandinavian look.  Inside we will find spacious interiors that are sparsely furnished to create a greater sense of space. Let’s take a tour of this home now and find out how a family lives in a modern home by the woods!

The exterior of the home

The exterior of the house blends a minimalist approach that meets natural materials. The result is this timeless home. The elegant roof overhangs and creates an illusion of greater space within.  Those incredibly large windows are triple glazed to be as energy efficient as possible.

The living room

Inside the home there is an expansive open concept living and dining area. The line between indoors and outdoors is delineated by the full-height windows. A fireplace extends along one wall of the room while the TV is tucked subtly into the wall. The furniture is casual and low to the ground. In all it’s a cozy spot for a family to enjoy together.

Open concept

In this view we take a look at the full size of the main floor. A sleek kitchen combined with a minimalistic living room create an open space. The neutral colour palette looks great with a taupe accent wall because it creates a sense of depth in the room.

The kitchen space

The kitchen is simple with the focus on the island in the centre of the room. The bar creates a fun breakfast counter for those times when setting the table seems like too much of a chore. Integrated cabinets and draws in the wall provide storage space. A stunning window in the kitchen shows off the forest outside. Imagine watching the seasons change from your kitchen window!


Take a look at the double storey narrow window bringing in light to the stairwell of the house. It’s a spectacular feature of the home because it looks out onto the woods. The stairs have no railings so they look sleek and modern. If you want to get a look like this in your home, get in touch with professionals on homify today.


We love the concrete, slate, and wood in this bathroom. A floating bathroom counter and half painted wall creates a modern look that we love. The wood floors look great in this room.  A spacious bathroom with a niche shower like this is great for a family that has to share in the mornings.


Finally we will take a look at the nursery in the home. There is Scandinavian influence to the design here that we love. The colours in the room are cheerful but refined. It’s the perfect place to welcome a new baby!

Thank you for taking a tour of this home with us! The open plan main floor seems like the perfect spot for a family. For more home tours check out our feature on a charming creekside country home.

 房子 by Casas inHAUS,