11 mises à niveau pour votre maison à moins de 40 Euros


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11 mises à niveau pour votre maison à moins de 40 Euros

Emma Jacob Emma Jacob
根據 BHD Interiors 古典風
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We love a bargain and when it can also make our homes look that bit better, it's a double win as far as we're concerned! That's why we've devised 11 fabulous home improvement ideas, all of which will cost you under £40 and be simple enough for even the most inexperienced DIYer to tackle.

We've been paying attention to the best interior designers out there, making notes about what they do to significantly improve individual rooms and we think we've nailed some bargain versions for you here.  Let's take a look and you can be the judge!

Keep an eye out for driftwood if you take a stroll on the beach, as a simple stack looks beautiful and adds a nautical, natural feel to any room. 

Knowing you can capture a high-end vibe for free certainly isn't a bad thing, is it?

Rectangular Living Room Furniture 根據 Casa Più Arredamenti
Casa Più Arredamenti

Rectangular Living Room Furniture

Casa Più Arredamenti

The great thing about boxy, wall-mounted shelving is that you can always add to it if the need occurs. In a living room, bedroom or home office, these wall additions look fantastic and save you needing to revamp the colour scheme!

All hail upcycling. When you're on a tight budget and  want to improve a room, simply upcycle some of the existing furniture. Change handles, add a coat of paint et voila. 

It's like a whole new item!

Keep your eyes peeled in charity shops and at car boot sales for interesting little trinkets that can be hung on your walls. You'll be surprised what people get rid of and how little they charge and you could have a whole new theme for under £40.

You can't deny what a positive impact potted plants make in your garden, but they can pack just as much punch inside the home. Really go to town, livening up the whole of your space with bright blooms and don't forget some herbs for the kitchen!

Stairs 乡村风格的走廊,走廊和楼梯 根據 homify 鄉村風



Using old, mismatched photo frames to create a gallery wall look fabulous and you can even spruce them up a little with a single can of gold spray paint.

What a great way to make a hallway more personal and fun!

現代  by King & McGaw, 現代風
King & McGaw

Le Petit Echo de la Mode no.35 (limited edition) by Hormazd Narielwalla

King & McGaw

If buying art is out of you price range, are you sure that making some is beyond you? 

Why not grab some paints or pencils and see what you can come up with? It's the perfect Sunday afternoon activity and if the whole family has a go, you might discover a new talent!

Boring curtains be gone! New curtains could swallow up your entire £40 budget but fabric won't. 

Even if you just have some basic sewing skills, you can make beautiful curtains in a single weekend, so why not grab some bold material and have a bash?

Creating a feature wall with wallpaper is a fast, cheap and easy way to totally transform a room and with so much 'paste the wall' paper out there, it's suddenly even easier.

With the money you have left over, you could buy some new bedding to match!

Living Room 根據 homify 鄉村風

Living Room


Cushions, ornaments, pictures and rugs can all be exceptionally cheap yet highly impactful home additions, so get your bargain hunting boots on and go for a walk around town to see what you can find.

A trade box of LED lights from a DIY store is extremely cheap and could make your staircase look awesome! This is a tip we're going to put into action ourselves.

For more amazing and purse-friendly DIY tips, take a look at this Ideabook: 20 economical DIY projects everyone can manage.

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