9 household chores that torch calories


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9 household chores that torch calories

Sarah Rose Anderson Sarah Rose Anderson
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Your home always looks its best when it’s clean and tidy. Doesn't matter if you have mastered the perfect Scandinavian design if it’s messy!

Need more convincing to spend time cleaning the house? Check out our list of how cleaning your home helps burn calories. Instead of looking at the chores in your home as an annoyance, choose to look at it as an opportunity to keep fit. If you up the intensity of your chores, you can get a workout in while keeping the house tidy. 

We’ll show you how some of the most common chores can torch calories. You can always connect with professionals on homify to help you get a home that's designed to be easy to clean. to help you Ready to turn your chores into a workout? Maximize the burn now and start with number one!

1. Doing the dishes

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Washing dishes by hand is great for burning calories. By getting a load done, you can burn off up to 100 calories to help you justify a biscuit with tea after! It’s a no-brainer way to tidy the house and get some physical activity in. Try putting on music or a podcast and use rubber gloves to protect your hands from the heat.

2. Mowing the lawn

Engage your entire body and increase your heart rate by mowing the lawn! Buy an old school mower without a motor. You’ll be using only your own energy to cut the grass, increasing the calories burned. You could burn up to 300 calories an hour just by cutting the grass. Plus it’s an environmentally friendly solution for the home. Win-win!

3. Cleaning the bathroom

This is probably the household chore that gets done with the least zest and gusto. Cleaning the bathroom is the worst, but having a clean bathroom feels amazing. Break a sweat by scrubbing down the shower, floor, and tub. Grit your teeth and get through this chore to burn calories and have a cleaner home.

4. Getting the laundry done

The laundry room is basically a gym in disguise. You get exercise by carrying loads of laundry, folding, hanging to dry, and lugging around a giant jug of detergent. Works especially well if you are like us and let the laundry pile up! Burn an extra 100 calories if you iron your clothes.

5. Window washing

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Don’t save this one just for spring cleaning! Washed windows help you make the most of your views and keep dust out of your home. Get a shoulder and arm workout by scrubbing the windows down, inside and out.

6. Decluttering

Try paring down your wardrobe and getting rid of clothes for donation. Trying on clothes to see if they fit and digging out things from storage keeps you moving. The more you move, the more calories you’ll burn! Other tidying activities that declutter the house; shredding mail, organizing a bookshelf, and changing burnt light bulbs.

7. Vacuuming the house

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Sometimes it seems that vacuuming can take up a whole day! Even if you don’t have carpets, you can use vacuums to clean floors and furniture in your home. It’s a great way to have a fresh and clean house because it helps trap dust and allergens in your home. Even if it does annoy everyone else in the house, Fido included. Bring a dust cloth with you when you clean the stairs because dirt and dust tend to collect in the corners.

8. Gardening

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Gardening is not known as a high-intensity activity. You'll still get good exercise because all that squatting is healthy for your glutes and biceps. Continuing to garden late in life helps keep you spry and might even help you live longer! So get in touch with nature and get your workout in, too.

9. Rearranging the furniture

Instead of hitting the weight room, try rearranging the living room furniture. It is a great way to get a fresh look in a room. You’ll be torching those calories by moving that coffee table from corner to corner. Perfect for those looking for an intense workout at home.

Thanks for checking out our list of ways to burn calories at home! You’ll be on your way to getting fit and making your home look fit for a magazine cover. 

For more ways of cleaning at home check out our feature on how an organized home can change your life.

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