Glass balustrades


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Glass balustrades

James Rippon James Rippon
Southbank, London 根據 Urban Roof Gardens 現代風
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Glass is a versatile material, and in recent years has been chosen as the favoured material for a number of unconventional elements of the home, including ceilings, balcony flooring, as well as balcony balustrades. As we will we soon show, glass balustrades are a stunning choice for the balustrades of any balcony, be it modern or otherwise. Glass is strong, easy to maintain, weather resistant, and best of all, it doesn't interrupt the view you are offered. After all, that's almost the best of being on a balcony, right?

Seamless glass in Islington

Alwyne Place, Islington 露臺 根據 Emmett Russell Architects
Emmett Russell Architects

Alwyne Place, Islington

Emmett Russell Architects

Many traditional brick homes throughout London and indeed the UK have seen extension projects that have an objective to be a bold contrast to the existing look and feel of the brickwork, yet still being entirely complementary and fitting. Using contemporary materials and finishes, Emmett Russell Architects transformed this once run-of-the-mill brick exterior into something special. Using glass as for the balustrades, modernity is brought to the home without being overbearing. To see the rest of the beautiful extension, click here.

Suburban terrace

Again, adding a modern touch to a once unassuming brick home, Sam Tisdall Architects have chosen a modern glass balustrade to frame the balcony of a new two storey extension, creating a seamless frame to the timber decking.

Panning views of greenery and the city

A Spectacular View - Madrid Apartment 根據 Design by Deborah Ltd 現代風
Design by Deborah Ltd

A Spectacular View – Madrid Apartment

Design by Deborah Ltd

With panoramic views such as this on offer, why would you want to block any inch of out, if you didn't have to? With the greenery of a golf course below, and the city on the horizon, this balcony called for a balustrade made of glass. The linear nature of the timber decking and and the partition work well with the expansive horizon, keeping the deck uniform.

Urban garden in London

Hardwood Deck 根據 Borrowed Space 現代風
Borrowed Space

Hardwood Deck

Borrowed Space

When it comes to balustrades, both indoor and out, steel and glass are the perfect match. The modern pairing work well with a number of decking options, especially timber. This deck is part of a terraced garden in London built by Borrowed Space , with a deck that gave the owners of the steeply sloped site more usable space than before. Often the glass balustrade clamps are left exposed, and even made a feature of, such as on the deck we see here.

Radlett, Hertfordshire

Another example of using glass and steel together is this home by Nicolas Tye Architects, that has chosen to make a feature of the steel braces and clamps. Using glass gives a free-flowing nature to this terrace, and allows even more natural light to flow into the atrium below. Notice glass has also been used as balustrades for the second storey windows, allowing those upstairs to open the full-length windows without fear of falling out, and still keeping availability to natural light as the main design principle.

Ocean views in Cornwall

Porthleven 根據 LEIVARS 隨意取材風



There's nothing quite like living by the ocean, and if you are lucky enough to live the coastal lifestyle, you want to embrace the beauty of the surrounding nature whenever possible. This small but cosy deck is part of a home in Cornwall, that has again used glass for the balustrades, so as not to interfere with the water views.

Roof terrace, Southbank

Southbank, London 根據 Urban Roof Gardens 現代風
Urban Roof Gardens

Southbank, London

Urban Roof Gardens

As with any rooftop terrace, the view is always the most pleasing part about spending time on the outdoors. Again, so as not to interfere with the sweeping view of London's rooftops, this terrace at Southbank uses glass balustrades, while incorporating a rooftop garden and mood lighting to set the scene. Glass balustrades are a smart option for a terrace such as this, as they do not interfere too much with the existing look and feel of the building from the street.

現代房屋設計點子、靈感 & 圖片 根據 Casas inHAUS 現代風