11 Kitchen photos that can be used to remodel yours


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11 Kitchen photos that can be used to remodel yours

Rita Deo Rita Deo
 廚房 by H-abitat Diseño & Interiores , 現代風
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Planning a kitchen remodelling exercise may sound intimidating to most homeowners but it is not actually as tough as it is made out to be. All one needs is to find a professional architect with the right kind of experience who understands your needs and challenges of location.  The best option would be to first make a rough drawing about the details that are required and then discuss with kitchen planner to see which of them are practical.

Only a professional would be able to give a fair idea about size of cabinets, shelves and open areas that can be accommodated in the kitchen. Details about colors and materials to be used on the cabinets, backsplash and counter can be planned at a later stage. If the kitchen planner has the latest software they can give a visual representation of how the kitchen will look after it is complete. This can help owners save on costly changes if the kitchen does not meet their expectations as they can request for changes before any construction is actually carried out.

1. Kitchen project design

The 3D architectural drawing shows a graphic description of remodeled kitchen.

2. One angle of completed kitchen project

This picture shows a close up of the completed project in which the modern kitchen has a black granite countertop and stone backsplash. 

3. Complete kitchen design

This second picture gives a more comprehensive idea about the refurbished kitchen layout and structure that has following dimensions (3 x 2.8 x 3 m / 9 m² (Length, Height, Width / Area)

4. IInd project – Created in stone and granite

This second project has led to creation of an eclectic style kitchen made of stone and granite. 

5. IInd project during gadget installation

Here we see how the IInd project progressed after creating the basic groundwork of white cabinets and kitchen island. We can see how the kitchen looked before all the large electrical gadgets like oven, cooktop and electrical chimney was installed.

6. IInd project during cabinet installation

Pictures of IInd Project during cabinets and cooktop installation.

7. IIIrd Project – Wood and sandstone kitchen

Elegant kitchen with the beauty of dark mahogany cabinets.

8. Kitchen Design with trendy drawers and black granite

9. Simple wooden kitchen with granite countertop

Kitchen improvement project with wood and granite with dimensions of (3.4 x 2.8 x 3.4 m / 12 m²  Length, Height, Width / Area)

10. Granite breakfast bar

 Breakfast bar of blue granite adds a classy edge to the elegant kitchen.

11. Cabinet layout

Pristine kitchen with elegantly designed cabinets and counters. 

Here are some Before and After – Remodeled kitchen pictures to put your doubts to rest.

 房子 by Casas inHAUS, 現代風