10 tricks to lower your home costs in 2017

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Have you planned your New Year’s resolutions yet? If you’re like us, the list will be long, and predominantly comprised of a combination of last year’s failed resolutions, along with a perpetual medley of ‘eat less, workout more’ aspirations. However, at the top of the list this year I’ve also added ‘budget and save!’ With the world in a constant state of flux, costs are rising and there is really no better time to cement some good financial habits that will assist in making life easier and more manageable. But how does one do this? 

One of the first things you can do before you even begin to budget your expenses and income is to slash excess spending. And the best place to start? The home. We’ve got a few tricks to help you lower your domestic costs, which will reduce monthly bills and assist in your saving and budgeting. If you’re ready to begin, read on below!

1. Switch up your grocery habits

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Cooking, Drinking and Chilling

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Changing your purchasing habits can help you reduce expenses, while also improving your mindfulness and the way you live. Shop for more fresh fruit and vegetables, visit farmers’ markets and purchase only what you need.

2. Transfer your credit card debt

Switching or refinancing your credit debt can help avoid punishing interest fees. Look at alternatives or speak to your bank about a payment plan.

3. Change your interior bulbs

Switching bulbs from traditional incandescent to LEDs will save you money each year, as well as improving your home's eco-friendliness.

4. Switch off electronics at the wall

Electronics and devices drain energy endlessly, costing you money even when you aren’t using them. Switch everything off at the outlet and reduce your electricity bills.

5. Shop around online

When you need to make a large purchase, it’s best to shop around online to secure the best deal possible. These days there are plenty of different retailers that offer virtually anything and everything – get online and start saving!

6. Take your lunch to work

Make your lunch each day and take it to work to monitor what you eat, as well as saving yourself a huge amount of money.

7. Get a coffee machine

Coffee each day can really add up. Consider purchasing a coffee machine to save yourself money each morning, as well as saving a little time. 

8. Track your spending with a proper budget planner

Get serious, plan a budget and stick to it. You can download great budget planners for free from the internet, which will save you money and help you organise your finances.

9. Eat-in more often

Instead of heading out to restaurants, why not cook your food at home and eat-in? You’ll save money, improve your nutrition, while saving a load of money!

10. Reduce your air-conditioner reliance

Professionals know that shutting curtains during the day and opening windows at night can assist in keeping the house cooler. Additionally, setting a timer on your air conditioner will ensure you don’t run it unnecessarily.

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