25 pictures of small gardens and entrances you'll love!


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25 pictures of small gardens and entrances you'll love!

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
根據 Borges Arquitetura & Paisagismo 現代風
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Are you looking for ways to add some style and elegance to the entrance of your home? A gorgeous garden with lovely greenery perhaps or maybe even some features to attract attention and pique the interest of your guests? Well, in this edition of homify, we’ve consulted professionals for their top 25 tips and tricks to add an awesome ambiance to even the smallest of gardens or most compact home entrances.

There’s no excuse for fascinating features not to dominate the front of your home, whether you’re someone who admires natures elements, maybe a water fountain or even a splash or colour, there’s a design aspect to add that special flair to your exterior… it may just require some out of the box thinking, creativity and imagination! But, let’s get inspired by these ideas.

1. Stone and spheres lead the way to your entrance

There’s nothing quite like incorporating some natural materials and elements into the entrance or the front garden for that chic yet sensational attractive charm.

2. A multitude of elements in a small space, with everything from pots, to fountains, shrubs, terracotta and stone

3. Define areas with a variety of materials, consider some organic shapes that are aesthetically pleasing

4. Simple yet striking elements

6. Make the most of space!

Go for white stones and a path of wooden slats that lead towards a fascinating fountain.

​7. Lovely garden at the entrance

8. Use some potted plants to add a nature loving environment to your entrance

9. The garden to enjoy has it all!

10. A vertical garden is an exceptional choice too

11. A simple Zen-inspired garden may be the solution to your stress

13. Small yet bursting with colour

14. Modern and stylish

It’s the perfect décor for the exterior wall or entrance to the house

15. The earthy elements of water and stone

根據 Arqca 現代風

16. Decorate your entrance with a simple green line

17. Planters are always a perfect solution

​18. Decorating the entrance and hallway at the same time

Choose a stonewall and enclose the garden in modernity

​19. Bamboo: beautiful, easy to maintain and stylish

20. Mix it up with an array of plants and flowers

​21. Colourful pots and gorgeous flowers will be divine

22. This is the perfect idea for narrow corridors

23. The ultimate modern garden

24. Illuminated cacti and concrete

25. Filled with colour and sophistication

Small Contemporary Courtyard 根據 Gardenplan Design 現代風
Gardenplan Design

Small Contemporary Courtyard

Gardenplan Design

We've come to the end of this sensational homify feature filled with tips and tricks to add that trendy elegance to your garden and home entrance, but if you're still after some inspiration, have a look at these: 22 dream terraces perfect for the South African summer

現代房屋設計點子、靈感 & 圖片 根據 Casas inHAUS 現代風