8 practical decoration ideas that will make your chores easier in the kitchen


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8 practical decoration ideas that will make your chores easier in the kitchen

Chloe Hines Chloe Hines
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The new generation of kitchen designs offers a comfortable and functional cooking and eating area for the users as much as possible. There are some important points that we need to be aware of in order to make the most in our next generation kitchens, which are embellished with various elements that make the long cooking process as easy as possible, with generous storage space, good lighting and at the same time making eating time the most enjoyable. 

We have compiled important points in this article, that are simple but sometimes overlooked, which will make our work quite easy. If you are planning to have a new kitchen be absolutely sure of the items in this article!

1. Add island plugs

經典  by homify, 古典風

We start with something very important, but often easily overlooked: the socket that should be found in the island units. The presence of a socket on your island is imperative so that you can use this space effectively. But beware! In order to carry the socket in this area, you have to carry out the substructure work and you have to put the electricity into this area before laying the floor covering.

2. Good lighting

Illuminations that are only tentative will be very inadequate while working on the kitchen counter, and even the backlight will darken this area by causing your own shadow to fall into the area you are working with. For this reason, you should illuminate the work bench in such a way that it does not allow the creation of tall, hard shadows. The ideal type of lighting is LED strip lamps.

Good lighting and accessible electricity are both things you should hav in your kitchen – here is a list of things you should not have just for some extra help!

3. Practical corner cabinets

Every centimeter of the kitchen is important and we should not create any dead space when planning the kitchen in order to fit in comfortably and conveniently all our amenities. In the renovation of this house realised by Gent Interior Architecture, the kitchen is given great importance and a stylish and fun look has been created that does not allow any dead, unused space.

4. Shelves that slide out on rails

Shelves that can move forward in kitchen cabinets is an effective way to keep food and kitchenware organised. As seen in this kitchen, cabinets manufactured that allow even the most rear racks to slide out are easily accessible for a truly practical kitchen.

5. A great peninsula design

If you have an open-plan living space but want to visually separate the kitchen and the living/dining area, benches are ideal for this job. You can also use these benches as a breakfast bar or as an extra cabinet if you wish.

6. A patterned floor

We come to another practical tip. Especially in white kitchens, the white floors are very difficult to use in spite of the fact that the surface looks nice. The smallest crack, or water drop, in short, shows every particle falling immediately. Not only in white, but in monochrome all coatings have this potential. The way to overcome this is to cover the kitchen floor with a patterned ceramic tile.

7. As much lighting as possible

Unfortunately, other kitchens offer the ability to utilise natural daylight easily and provide great entilation.  It is best that you provide your kitchen with as much lighting as possible. Think about opening windows, under-cabinet lighting, head lighting and shelf lighting for accessibility. 

8. Kitchen islands that double as a dining table

The most elegant form of striking one bird with two stones. If you have enough space in your kitchen, you can design your dining table and six cabinet island units in one piece so that you can use it as a triple function, not a double: both a dining table, a storage area and an extra table.

We hope you find these ideas helpful for your kitchen! If you're looking to do a full-scale makeover of your kitchen, then this article that will aide in both your look and budget is a great one to check out!

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