15 pictures of L-shaped kitchens to inspire you


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15 pictures of L-shaped kitchens to inspire you

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
 廚房 by homify,
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In this edition of homify, we tackle an obscure kitchen design… the L-shape. For many, this kitchen is the solution to their space problems especially in a small home or open plan set up, but these 15 fantastic kitchens by our team of interior designers will get you thinking about that long overdue kitchen revamp again and with so many colours, materials and textures to choose from, there really is no excuse.

1. Small and simple

This kitchen idea may be compact, but it allows for more than enough storage, workspace and even a contemporary cooking area. The darker wooden cabinets are elegant and trendy too.

2. Light and sleek

The L-shape structure allows for linear space and storage for everything from groceries to cutlery, crockery and even utensils.

3. Less is more

A kitchen with simple colours, chic accents and modern finishes, now that’s the perfect way to enhance your home.

4. Add an island

The extra storage and workspace will come in handy, especially in a smaller kitchen with loads of potential.

5. Varied design

The orientation of this L-shape kitchen takes full advantage of the entire corner, maximising storage.

6. Compact

Now, if your kitchen is unbelievably small, then a design such as this could solve all your décor problems swiftly. Think a petite L-shape.

7. All appliances

You don’t need to choose between those appliances anymore, and this design is proof that you can have your dishwasher too. Comfort is a must!

8. That's the space

 廚房 by homify,

An L-shaped unit for a corner kitchen is sleek, minimalist and modern.

9. Another corner

This kitchen is yet another example that the L design works for getting the most space out of corners.

10. Seating space

Use that central area as extra storage, workspace or informal seating and your kitchen will be less cramped too.

11. Placement

If you’ve made up your mind that this kitchen is perfect for you and your home, then consider your placement and layout.

12. Open and free flowing

 廚房 by Hardvendel Design,
Hardvendel Design

​Hardvendel Design

Hardvendel Design

The L-design allows for free and flowing space that is not limited by extra aspects, it's welcoming and beautiful too.

13. Adorable

The L-shape is great for even an open plan living space.

14. Curvy

 廚房 by homify,

Neeras Kitchen


If elegance and luxury is what you’re after, then this curved L is an original and stylish option.

15. Fits in anymore

 廚房 by Urban Shaastra ,
Urban Shaastra

The Kitchenette

Urban Shaastra

We’ve come to the end of this feature, but we needed to see how this small kitchen can be accommodated virtually anywhere. Have a look at these: 45 practical kitchen cabinets to copy—to make your home more practical

 房子 by Casas inHAUS,