​Style scope of a 560 ft² home


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​Style scope of a 560 ft² home

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根據 Better Home 北歐風
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A 560 ft² home may sound like a tiny space with very little design scope. But the home stagers at Better Home have done the unthinkable and have actually created a neat statement of urban style with the help of only 700 US Dollars. The previously dull quarters went through a stylish renovation that made it a homely and pretty space. Come and have a look at this before and after tour to see the results for yourself!

​Before: utterly uninspiring space.

This uninspiring space was a dull one with no personality or style scheme. The walls seemed to be in desperate need of a new coat of paint. The wooden floor further contributed to the gloomy look of the space. The doors also needed a proper clean up.

​After: vibrant and bright style in the living room.

This space has been converted into a rather becoming living room with a bright scheme in place. The emerald green seating on the classic chairs look vibrant. The home stagers have managed to create a homely and cottage-inspired look with additions like the lace coverings for the tables and the drapes. A new floor and paint on the walls make for a well maintained look.

​Before: dullness in the bedroom.

The bedroom was a gloomy space with a dull hue on the walls. The layout of the furniture was not in keeping with the window and therefore, the use of this fixture was limited as well.

​After: luxurious and airy bedroom.

The bedroom is now an airy space with light colors and a neutral palette at play. The room has been cleared of all the excess clutter and it now has a sparkling look that instantly soothes the senses, thanks to the art work as well as the pink bedding.

​Before: dark and cluttered terrace.

The terrace is a closed space with lots of clutter. In fact, it looks more like a store room rather than a balcony where one can enjoy some fresh air.

​After: open space.

Now, the balcony is an open space where the blinds have been removed so that one can make use of the windows. The space has been cleared of the clutter so that the greenery comes to the fore.

​Before: lack of personality.

This corridor was cluttered with too many elements like the art on the wall as well the wooden paneling, which did not give it any distinct character.

​After: sleek rendition.

This sleek corridor now has a well-designed look, courtesy the wooden panels on the floor and the coat of white paint on the walls.

​Before: chaotic kitchen.

The patterned wallpaper and the hemmed in cabinetry makes this space look small and chaotic.

​After: neutral white good looks.

The new kitchen has been well laid out with white cabinets and white walls to match. The window has been left neat and uncluttered so that natural light pours into the space.

Here's another story - This home may be small but it's packed with style.

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