12 Steps to a stunning home garden

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A stunning home garden can completely change the façade of your house. After all, there is really nothing better than stepping out of your house and walking through lush green lawns and bright flowers.

Creating a home garden can seem like a challenge in itself, but not anymore. Homify brings to you 12 easy steps to create a beautiful garden in your home recommended by talented experts.

Step 1: Identify the right area

First things first, decide the right place and dimension where you want to build your home garden. Make sure the garden wouldn’t restrict any part of the house.

Step 2: Pick the number of plants

Depending on the space you have, pick out the number of plants that you would want to place in your garden.

Step 3: Define space for each plant

Now that you have picked out the number of plants you want to place in your garden, define the space which would be required for each plant.

​Step 4: Start creating a composition

This point is closely related to the previous one, as you define the space for each plant, you also need to create a composition for the entire garden and decide how you want to place everything.

Step 5: The range of colours

With so many colourful plants available, you can truly play around with the colours in your garden.

​Step 6: The right tiles and materials

Of course, your garden cannot all be full of soil and plants because then it will be terribly difficult to walk through it. That is why, you need to pick out the right materials like ceramic, stone, or cement to make it easy to roam around the garden.

Step 7: Get garden furniture

No garden is complete without relaxing furniture where you can sit back and read your favourite books. You can either add a wicker sofa set or reclining chairs to soak in the sun.

Step 8: Consider light and shadow

Some plants heavily rely on sunlight, while others don’t. If you don’t want to have limp plants in your garden, then it’s very important to consider the direction of sunlight and any shadows.

Step 9: Proper maintenance

You can create the best garden in the neighbourhood, but without the right maintenance, it can all go to waste. Make sure you are watering and trimming plants in a timely manner.

Step 10: Add accessories

Add a few garden lamps, a statue, or a pond if you have space for it to give your garden a new look.

Step 11: Add garden stones

The entire garden shouldn’t be a big lawn. Add texture to the space by adding cemented path and garden stones. You can add stones around some of the plants easily. Also, make sure there aren’t just corner plants, and you should have plants all over the garden.

​Step 12: Combine the garden with the home’s façade

opEnd house - Single Family House in Lorsch, Germany Helwig Haus und Raum Planungs GmbH 庭院
Helwig Haus und Raum Planungs GmbH

opEnd house – Single Family House in Lorsch, Germany

Helwig Haus und Raum Planungs GmbH

Add a final touch to the garden décor to make sure it completely matches with your home’s façade, and you are done!

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